Shipping Container Prices – How Much Should You Pay for New & Used

Businessby Ariana Smith04 February 2019

Shipping Container

The shipping container is those king-sized metallic boxes that are used to ship various types of products to other countries. These are also known as freight containers, storage containers, and conex boxes to name a few. It is often seen that shipping containers are transformed into several useful things such as bachelor pads, gardens, and even restaurants. There are several types of shipping containers at Shipping Container Sale online. These are available in different sizes and conditions. Some are used containers, some are used for a single trip, and some are brand new. There are 2 things that differentiate these boxes. The prices and the physical conditions of these storage containers.

Factors That Impact the Cost of Buying Shipping Containers:

There are several factors that basically determine the final cost of a shipping container. These factors have been discussed below.

1. Condition and Age:

If you are interested in buying a freight container that comes with minimal damages or wears and tears, the best option would be choosing a container that has been through a single trip. These types of containers normally have ordinary and minor damages and are almost new. It is very simple to understand that the newer a shipping container is, the higher will be the price of it. Single trip containers can easily be expected to last for a long time due to their less wear and tear.

2. Size:

When it comes to the size of a shipping container, these are available in different sizes. You may choose between high-cube and standard containers. Standard ones are normally 8 feet by 8 feet, and 6 inches high. Standard containers also come in two different lengths, 20 feet, and 40 feet. On the other hand, a high-cube container will come with a height of 9 feet and 6 inches tall. There are some suppliers who can offer extra-wide containers, which are normally 10 feet wide.

3. Delivery Fees:

The third crucial factor that determines the price of a shipping container is the delivery fees. You should not overlook this important factor when you consider choosing a suitable shipping container. There may be times when you may have to pay for special permits. These, obviously, impact a lot on the final price of the container. Choosing a container that will be coming to your place from hundreds of miles away, will unnecessarily increase the total price of the container. Sometimes, the delivery cost of a container is way higher than the actual price you had paid for it.

4. The seller of The Container:

After deciding the best freight container for your needs, the next important thing to think about is where to buy it from. Under normal circumstances, sellers mark their containers 25% to 35%. Just like every other thing, this also involves a middleman. Buying through such a man will hike the price. Better buy a shipping container directly from companies so that you do not have the charges of a middleman and pay a higher value. Middlemen also normally push buyers to buy containers that have been in stock for a long time.

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