Things you shouldn’t Forget when Going for a Charter Fishing Trip in Florida

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Fishing Trip

If you love fishing and summer is almost approaching, then you would know what time it is, fishing time, right? Going out for fishing trip has often been used as a way to relax and free up your mind from your daily routine or use it as an opportunity to pass time while catching up with some old friends.

Anyway, before you start your journey to the beach, you must ensure that you have a well-packed fishing tackle box with you. Well, the tools you need to have in your fishing tackle box are always determined by the type of fish you are looking forward to catching.

But even at this point, there are just some basic things that you can’t afford to miss in your tackle boss, and below are a few of them.

Extra fishing line:

When you go for Clearwater Beach fishing, you never usually know what’s under the waters. A lot of things might cause your fishing line to break, this includes getting tangled to a log underneath or even being snapped by a monster fish.

This is why it would be a nice idea if you always carry extra fishing lines with you. The lines you need to use will depend on the location you are going to be fishing in and also the type of fish you are planning to catch.

Of course, you will need a heavy and perhaps a more durable line when you are going to fish under rough conditions to minimize the chances of breaking. Clearwater lakes will, however, require you to have thin lines.

fishing line

Extra hooks:

Just like the lines, it is also important that you carry a few extra hooks with you too. This will make you feel more secure and ready for any type of fish.

It doesn’t matter what type of hook you are using, some people will go for the french hook while others will prefer to stick with the traditional J-hook. Either way, make sure that you pack them in your tackle box in different sizes.

It would be crazy seeing someone looking for a river trout with a hook meant for a heavy catfish, right? Make sure you also know the different hook sizes for a different type of fish as they are available from the smallest size to the largest.



What do you think always alerts the fishermen when they are getting bites from the fish? That would be the work of bobbers or floaters as they are also known. Immediately the fish bites, the bobber will sink and that’s when you need to start reeling in your catch.

Also, you can choose between the different types of bobbers available. Most people seem to like the plastic bobbers which are round and painted red and white. This is maybe because it is simple to attach them to the line as you will only need to clip them.

However, this type of bobber also has its own shortcomings as it limits you on how deep your line should go. You can also use the slip bobber as it can go up and down the line hence no limitations on how deep you can cast the line. It does take some time for you to rig it though. See how bobbers help in fishing.



Well, since a worm attached to a hook doesn’t have that much wait to make your line go deeper, you will need to add something with a bit of wait. That something is the sinker. Since they are also a bit small in size, they can always get lost easily and this is why you need to remember and pack some extras.

Traditionally, sinkers are made from the lead but due to some environmental reasons, the use of lead sinkers is beginning to be outlawed by some states.

Anyway, there are some other materials that can be used to make sinkers and this includes bismuth, tungsten, brass, and steel.



As said before, fishing is a better way to relax and just have a good time. However, it won’t be a good time anymore when you come back empty-handed just because your line snapped and you didn’t have any extras or you forgot to pack your bobbers and you had no backups. This is why it is important that you know all the basic things you need for fishing and make sure you try and have a few of them if not all. Click here for more information.

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