9 Key Ways You Can Improve Your Swing When Playing Golf

Sport by  Mashum Mollah 16 April 2019 Last Updated Date: 15 November 2023

Improve Your Swing

Improving your swinging means adding extra yards to your drive. Everyone wants to extend their drive by swinging more effectively, and by improving your swing, you will hit longer and more accurately. Below are some of the most efficient ways of improving your swing when playing golf.

1. Keep Your Hands Low for More Body Power:

When lowering the course of your swing, it is important to take note of your hands’ placement. Keeping your hands low-slung will ensure the lowering of the altitude of your swing. In addition to lowering your hand, you should take note of the placing of your back-spine alongside your wrist, forearm, and elbow especially when you back-swing. Your forearm should be equivalent to your back-spine when you rotate while your elbow and forearms must form a triangle as you finish the swinging. You can learn more about this at the Harrington Golf Academy.

2. Learn to Power with Your Frame and Not the Hands:

One of the keys to swinging successfully is to learn to power the ball with your build and not your hands. Make your body to remain in a “dead stop”, then place the golf club after the ball, and then transport the ball into the air. Once you can master this technique, you will master the body power.

You can also master your body power by hinging your wrist when golfing. When doing this, preserve a 45-degree approach between the club shaft and your arm. Once you switch into the backswing the wrist should simply move into a 90-degree approach with the golf club.

3. Learn to Tuck Your Elbow for an Improved Swing:

There has been a long debate about whether elbow positioning can actually improve the swing. Tucking your elbow will help you keep your shoulders controlled and that will yield more power to the downswing which also means less error.

PRO TIP: While a golf bag can contribute to the overall golfing experience, it’s essential to note that improving your swing primarily comes from practice, proper technique, and possibly professional instruction. Using the right equipment, including a well-suited golf bag, can certainly enhance your overall enjoyment and comfort on the course, allowing you to focus more on refining your swing.

4. Reduce or Avoid Flipping:

When your figure is not in a position during swinging your arms will flip you’re your wrists and this may happen very near to the ball’s impression, which will definitely be out of your control. You may want to practice our swing with a bag in order to avoid this. Make sure your leading hand remains in sync with the golf club head while your hips are slightly open. Your swing will definitely improve doing this.

5. Chipping Tips:

A wooden dowel should be used to practice chipping. You should allow roughly 2 feet (the ideal length) dowel to poke out on the uppermost grid of the club shaft. If you notice the dowel pressing while you train, it ultimately means that your wrist is unable to be straight enough. Make sure you keep your hands forward while you are practicing.

6. Never Underestimate the Follow-Through:

Keep in mind that a does not stop when you hit the ball, you need to perform a great follow-through by ensuring that your hands end up above the left shoulder and your right shoulder ending up below the left- this is how you know you have hit the ball very well, especially in the direction you planned to hit it.

When you end up with low hands with a right shoulder that is not lower than the left, it means an element of your swing is ineffective, and that signifies an imperfect connection between the ball and the club.

7. Keep a Track of Your Performances:

If you want to improve on your swing, you need to keep an eye on your round by round performance, to ascertain the area for which you need to improve. You need to keep track the number of fairways you hit from the tee, and how many greens-in-regulations you achieved. You need to ensure that you write down all the important statistics. The more you keep track of your improvement the better and faster you sharpen your golfing skills.

8. Rotate Your Torso and Not Just Your Arms:

The perfect swing in golf will generate power from your entire body and not just your arms. Insufficient body rotation, especially through a rigid torso is one of the main reasons your swing is poor. In order to deliver that extra yard, you must allow your left shoulder to rotate around to almost above the right foot on your backswing and then vice-versa on the downswing. when you do this always, you will surely be on the putting surface shortly.

9. Make Use of Constraints to Improve Your Swing Paths:

Making use of a constraint to improve your swing is very important, especially when you are a beginner. One of the constraints you can use is to place a basket outside of the golf ball. This will help you move from the out-to-in swing path to the more neutral one. This is quite easier than trying to manipulate your body and arm action, especially when performing the down-swing, in order to achieve a more neutral swing path. Constraints can serve as a mini-guide until you no longer rely on them to help you position yourself.

In conclusion, it is important to watch Your Posture Before Hitting the Ball. Perhaps the most important step you must take is to learn to have the right posture just before hitting the ball. The width of your stance and the distance between your body and the club are very important. Make sure you bend in your knees to support your overall body posture. Too much or too little will force you into the rough swinging experience.

There are so many ways you can also make use of technical improvement methods to improve your golf ball swings. A beginner golfer just has to understand what he needs to change about himself in order to perform certain drills. If you can blend all the tips and ideas highlighted above, you should be able to speed up your learning and improve your swings in no time. Once you begin training your body to attain the right posture, you will easily grab all other techniques needed to boost your swing power when playing the game of golf.

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