Side effects of constipation

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Side effects of constipation

Constipation is one of the disorders that we all tend to suffer at times. But just suffering from this condition sometimes cannot be easily thought of as you are suffering from constipation disorder.

You see if the type of constipation you are suffering from is severe then it will need medical attention and treatment. Of course, the condition of constipation is one in which the patient will have sudden and infrequent bowel movements and eventually due to this you end up having difficulty passing stools.

For someone who is suffering from a chronic and severe form of constipation, for them, the symptoms would be more common and persist much longer. It may not cure using simple homely remedies.

People who are experiencing severe constipation conditions might have a lot of difficulty in leading their life.   Your daily tasks may get hampered due to this internal bowel disorder.

And eventually, if you do not cure yourself from the symptoms of constipation early it might tend you to make use of the pill consistently.

In this article, we are going to find out about the common side effects of constipation even including some of the rare symptoms when you might have to take pills such as Cenforce 200 mg for men.

Understanding the symptoms of constipation

The symptoms of constipation are not hard to identify. But of course, not all types of symptoms will crop in, for every patient. Depending on one person to the other the type of symptom may widely vary too.

Some of the symptoms might be a bit tough for you to deal with and may cause a bit of pain.

Of course, the most common type of problem that you might be experiencing is difficulty in the passing of stools. You may experience a bit of pain in both the stomach and the rectum when passing stools. Sometimes severe or chronic constipation may also lead to blood passing in stools.

Another most common and visibly identifiable symptom of constipation is that you will be passing out hard and lumpy stools. This is generally indicative of the lack of moisture in the stomach.

What are some of the side effects of having constipation?

It is necessary for you to get rid of constipation because it may come with some side effects. You need to be wary of these side effects and ideally, you should visit the doctor as soon as you experience the symptoms given above.

Now, some of the side effects of constipation might be mild whereas others could be even severe. The side effects could also be dependent on the causes of constipation such as taking pills of Vidalista 60 mg.

Anal fissure

This is quite a common condition occurring in the condition of constipation. You see people who are having constipation for a long time say for a few weeks or months may develop this condition quite easily.

Within this condition passing of hardened stools may cause the skin around the anus to tear. This is what leads you to the passing of blood eventually with stools that may result in more pain.


This is a side effect that occurs due to the infrequent movements in your bowel. It is due to the strains experienced during the passing of stools that the veins around the anus may get swollen. This too is going to cause some pain.

Fecal impaction

This condition occurs in the intestines. You see when you are suffering from constipation it might be difficult for you to empty your bowels and it is due to this condition that stools may get accumulated in your intestines. It may also result in severe infections in the intestines.

Rectal prolapse

The severe strains that you put during stool passing may result in infrequent bowel movements. It is due to this that a small portion of the rectum may protrude out of the anus eventually leading to quite a lot of pain while passing stools. This condition might b common in males who are frequently using pills such as Cenforce 150.

Along with this some of the rare effects of constipation may include colon cancer, eventual narrowing of the colon, cancer in the rectum, bulging formation of the rectum, multiple sclerosis, loss of contraction, and relaxation of the internal bowel muscles, pelvic muscles becoming weaker and so on.

What are some of the risk factors that may increase the chances of side effects?

That you have come to know about the side effects of constipation it is now time for you to understand some of the risk factors of constipation. The risk factors are just some conditions that might cause you to develop constipation of a severe nature eventually.

Some of the risk factors for constipation are given below-

Being elderly

Not drinking water enough

Drinking too much alcohol

Not eating enough fibers in your diet

Not doing enough physical activity

Intake of some specific medicines such as the ones that contain steroids like pain reliving medicines, sedatives, antidepressants, and medicines that help you to lower your blood pressure.

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