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Kidsby Sumona28 April 2022

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Smart baby monitors are fast becoming a staple in nurseries around the world, giving parents the ability to see and hear their babies when they are not in the room.

Smart video monitoring is the next best thing to being in the room with your child. However, there are certain tips that will make your use of a smart baby monitor an easier experience. 

How To Select A Baby Monitor For Your Use?

How To Select A Baby Monitor For Your Use?

How to select the best baby monitor? Are you becoming first-time parents? Then it is better to take the opinion of the experienced ones. When I became a mother, I selected the baby monitor by matching up some of the monitor’s qualities.

Here are the qualities which you need to check before buying the baby monitors.

1. Before You Buy, select The Types Of Suit

Before you buy your smart baby monitor, you should ensure that it suits your needs. The most popular features are movement alerts. These alerts are sent via an app on your phone if the baby monitor detects your baby moving in their crib. The infant optics baby monitor has good camera power and a more secure suit.

You should also check that the baby monitor has been set up to encrypt the transmission. For safety reasons, you do not want the feed of your smart baby monitor to be available for anyone who has the skills to hack into it. The information for this should be included in the manufacturer details for the model you are considering. 

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2 . Select The Setting Up Positions

When setting up your new smart video monitoring system, it is important to consider it fully! Where you are going to have the monitor set up in the room. This should be somewhere close to the crib but not within reaching distance when your child is more mobile. To avoid having to move the monitor several times, planning ahead is essential.

When you place your video baby monitor, you need to ensure that it is close enough to an outlet to ensure power without stretching the cable. This setup will also ensure that when your child is older and moving around the room, there will be no danger of your child tripping over the cable.

You should also decide whether you will keep the baby monitor freestanding or attach it to the wall if it has that option. Mounting the smart baby camera on the wall is an excellent way to keep it out of reach – providing you attach it high enough.

If you purchase a video monitor with a 360-degree spin, you can be sure of the ability to check on your little one no matter where the camera is positioned in the room.

3. Features

Does every type of baby monitor have some unique features? Like what? My baby monitor can play lullabies, and it also has temperature sensors.

These features help to calm your baby when they are crying. And these intelligent features of the baby monitors make them unique.  For example, the standard power of the baby monitor camera is DC 7.5V 6.6Ft. So you can see your baby’s activities through the cameras.

Here are the names of the features that you need to have in your baby monitor.

  • Camera
  • Lullaby playing options
  • Speaker
  • Temperature sensors
  • Wifi
  • Recording facilities in your devices.

4. Run The Test 

We recommend that you test the video monitor with the app or device you will be using to ensure that it is fully operational before attaching it to the wall. With any smartphone app or additional monitoring screen, you will be able to move the camera remotely so you can check the room. 

However, some models will also have an inbuilt motion sensor with a photograph option that will snap a picture each time the motion sensor is activated. This is especially beneficial in the morning to check how your little one has settled as a photograph will be sent to your device each time they stir. The baby monitor with the camera is now every parent’s requirement. But before getting anything new, always run a test and then finalize your product.

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You should always check if the device requires a memory card for any internally stored images or videos so that you are ready as soon as the monitor is needed. When you know your exact requirements, your baby monitor selection process will be much more accurate. Are you selecting any products or brands? Then do not forget to share your baby monitor with the camera using experiences through the comment sections.

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