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Health & Fitnessby Mashum Mollah23 March 2021

Quit Drugs

The youth of today’s world is highly involved in activities that are harmful to them. Drugs are dangerous for every one of us. There is no age limit for consuming drugs. No matter what your age is; when you will start consuming them it will start ruining the functioning of mind and body. Our main focus is on the effect of drugs specifically on students and the young generation. The young generation is much inclined towards drugs. The most common drug used casually is alcohol. There is a misapprehension that alcohol is not considered in drugs. For getting rid of its effects check out Queen Detox. It is very crucial to take a step towards recovery on time. Recovery at right time will help you in setting track of your life. In the end, there will be more happiness and less suffering.

Curiosity On Its Way!

Curiosity On Its Way

Teens and young’s start doing drugs out of curiosity. The main reason for starting drugs is sitting in a friend’s gathering who consumes drugs for the sake of fun and enjoyment. This is no fun to destroy your organs and life. It will ruin your academic performance and behavior towards life. Life is not easy to handle, many circumstances arise that demand our attention. The competition that lies today is unbeatable and students need to very smart and sharp. Only intelligent ones can make their way in such a competitive era. Don’t waste your parent’s finance and your career on drugs.  Don’t let your parent’s dreams for you fly away like smoke of drugs. Drugs are temporary fun that will lead to severe addiction if not controlled on time.  The short and exact conclusion is the abuse of alcohol and drugs will devastate your career, health, financial status, and academic record. If we talk about the main point, drugs will simply intoxicate and give a negative impact on cognitive activities. For a student, it is very important to concentrate, give full attention, and have a strong memory. These three things are power tools for students that are directly spoiled and affected by drugs.

How The Cycle Of Destruction Continues?

Suppose you consumed drugs on Friday night with your social circle. For you, the feeling of being high will be till the next day maximum. But in actuality, the effect will continue for many days. One would not be able to study and concentrate on the entire weekend which will directly affect performance in the upcoming week. When we talk about drugs, two main barriers are highly used and popular among students. These two domains are huge hurdles between academic successes. They develop anxiety and affect cognition as well.

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana

Alcohol leaves its effects for a minimum of two days. When students start heavy drinking, the blood alcohol level increases. In such a situation, students are usually not able to get up for the next day’s classes. If they get you, they are not able to grab and process information. They are unable to store the information and all the lectures by the professor. The desire for buzz interferes with the sleeping cycle and results in fatigue. The learning ability gradually slows down.

On the other hand, marijuana is the other popular drug among students. It also affects the sleep cycle like alcohol. The use of marijuana suppresses the activity of neurons that affects the attention level. Once you consume it, it will start creating an urge and desire to have it again. The continuous use results in weakening the muscles. Stop having such stuff which will impede your progress.

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