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Anabolic Drug

Whenever there is a story in the media about the anabolic drug, it’s probably going to be negative. That’s simply an agenda. It’s been happening since the popularization of competitions like Mr. Olympia or Arnold Classic. That’s translated into a lot of people believing all sorts of things, thinking only about the negative aspects.

However, science tends to say otherwise. Recent research suggests that the benefits of one doping cycle can be felt up to ten years after the use. This is likely to revolutionize the whole world of sports. Loads of times, people were caught using performance-enhancing drugs in competitions. It happens all the time. After this, they get suspended for up to two years. Click on this link to read more: chinas gold medalist and doping.

However, then they come back to the same competition, and they win. It hasn’t been known up until now that the effects can still be felt. It has been doubted, but now there is finally scientific evidence. So, now, this creates a whole new scenario. People can be on steroids for one cycle and not get tested while the drugs are completely out of their system.

After that, they can show up and win. Now, there is a lot of psychology behind this in sports. The central moral dilemma is because genetics already plays a vital role. Some people have a genetic advantage over others. For example, some people have longer arms than others. This can be an incredible advantage in martial arts as well as in boxing.

Of course, no amount of steroids can make someone have longer limbs, but it can even out the playing field. If they were with the same speed, endurance, and strength, genetics would always win. That’s where anabolics come and improve the other parts where genetics can’t interfere. But it’s a delicate situation, so we will cover both the benefits as well as the side effects. Click here to read more.

The Benefits

Steroids don’t cross the minds of most people. The majority of the population that is into fitness isn’t concerned with them. They simply stick to a specific workout schedule and are happy with the results. Additionally, they may consider switching their nutrition to a healthy one and include supplementation. That, combined with a considerable rest period, is a great way to have a perfect body.

But, perfection is different for every single one of us. Those in the highest levels of the game need an extra boost. That comes in the form of increased muscle mass while losing fat, as well as a speedy recovery and improved endurance. These three things are the main benefits of steroids. And the rate at which they work is simply staggering.

Let’s take a simple anabolic like trenbolone. The primary purpose of it is to make you massive. It’s taken through an injection, and it’s known to be at least five times stronger than testosterone. It’s the most famous steroid, and now there are even natural alternatives to it. By using this for about four weeks, you can get your dream body.

Now, compare that to people who have been working out their whole lives. You will reach your goal in less than a month, while they will still be working. Not only that, but the benefits of it will be felt even ten years after. It’s the fastest shortcut in the game of bodybuilding, as well as sports. You can get these anabolic steroid drugs online since there are many websites devoted to them.

The Disadvantages

Now, we need to talk about the disadvantages too.  Often everything that’s incredibly beneficial comes at a price. It used to be known as the law of equivalent exchange. Alchemists thought of gaining something if something of equal value was lost. That can be attributed to this case as well. Steroids make the impossible happen. It’s as if you have real-life superpowers.

But, if misused, all of that can be lost and detrimental to your health. The most commonly known side effect is testicular shrinkage in men. That often goes along with a decreased sperm count, and it some cases, it can lead to impotence. Along with this, there a few types of cancer that can be induced by anabolics.

The main target is the liver since all of the blood gets filtered through this organ. As well as that, it’s quite common for women to get a deeper voice as well as dark facial hair. In both sexes, baldness is a common side effect too. Apart from these, regular mood swings and an increased sexual drive also show up. Some cases have also reported diarrhea, but that one can be attributed to a poor diet too.

How much should be used?

The general rules depend on each specific product. Most of the time, a consensus is to use around fifty milligrams up to a hundred. That’s if the substance is to be injected. After you use it one day, you work it out and take another dose the day after. This process can last anywhere from six to sixteen weeks. This is known as a cycle.

Now, after you finish the cycle, you must go to PTC. That’s short for post cycle therapy. This will get your body back as it was biologically. You get to keep all of your gains, so don’t worry about that. This will mainly focus on hormonal levels as well as your liver.

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