3 Steps To A Successful Music Career: How To Become Popular On Livemixtapes, Find More Fans And Earn Extra Money

Musicby Arnab Dey09 March 2023

Music Career

Every day it becomes more and more difficult to succeed in the music business and stand out among thousands of new hip-hop artists. Today it’s not enough to have only great music and a few regular listeners – now the competition is making itself felt, and you have to be ready for it.

Gone are the days when companies and businessmen (producers) were looking for rising stars in bars and clubs, in the modern world they do it on social networks, including on the Livemixtapes platform. It’s convenient, they don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to find new musicians to produce or buy musical accompaniment for commercial projects – they just go online and choose those who have already proved themselves and won the attention of the public.

Today we’ll talk about how you can succeed in your music career using this website and its features. By the way, we’ll also share tips on how to buy Livemixtapes votes for faster and more complete promotion. Don’t miss this opportunity if you’re striving for fame and additional earnings. Keep reading!

What should you focus on?

  1. Anyway, the primary task of any hip-hop musician is to create great mixtapes. You should understand that mixtapes are not as popular as regular music in the genre of pop, rock, alternative, indie, etc. Give people tracks of such high quality that they want to follow you, listen to your creativity, and share it with friends and acquaintances. Remember: more doesn’t mean better. Publish only those tracks in which you are 100% sure. Check their quality on your friends, and ask them to rate the music, but don’t tell who the author is. This way you’ll get the most objective assessment of your creativity and draw the right conclusions.
  1. Staying consistent and releasing tracks regularly is one of the most important keys to success in the music field. By releasing music regularly (but maintaining high quality), you can significantly improve the statistics and ratings of your creativity. We would recommend creating a content plan and following it, so it’ll be easier for you to attract the attention of more users and not forget to please them with new music. A little later, when your social authority improves significantly and you become one of the key hip-hop artists on the site, it’ll be possible to take creative gaps a little longer.

How And Why To Use Third-Party Services For Promotion?

Many social networks have various internal types of advertising that help entrepreneurs and bloggers increase their reach and attract more target audiences. But, unfortunately, there is no such possibility on Livemixtapes – that’s why creators are looking for opportunities to use third-party help from professional companies that offer boosts for faster and more effective promotion, one of the best in the purchase of votes.

Music Promotion

Here Are Some Reasons To Buy Votes Now:

1. Saving time and effort. There is no doubt that you could succeed on your own without involving third-party services, but there is one problem: you’ll spend a lot of time and resources on this, and you won’t be able to create music 24/7, all the time thinking about the promo. The best solution would be to delegate this task to real professionals.

2. Increased traffic. The more real interactions with your creativity, the better. By getting authentic and organic votes, you raise the ratings of mixtapes and make them more visible to the target audience.

3. Votes from real users will help you become more competitive and expand your presence on the platform. This is exactly what it takes to make mixtapes viral and start making money.


Well, now you know what you need to make your music career success. Promotion is not about molecular physics and rocket science, you just have to use the right ways to attract an audience, not be afraid to invest in your account, and create high-quality tracks. We wish you success!

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