Swamp Cooler Installation & Repair in Las Vegas, NV

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Swamp Cooler

Most people think swamp coolers, those window-mounted air conditioners so often found in the South and apartments, were invented somewhere in the 1960s or 1970s. In reality, evaporative cooling as a concept has been around far longer. The idea was always around for centuries naturally; you get in a pool of water to cool down and as you exit the water evaporating off your skin drops your body temperature significantly (which can feel quite good on a hot day). Today, swamp coolers still exist and can be easily installed as well as maintained with the right help.


Putting in a new swamp cooler usually happens one of two ways. The easiest and most common method involves installing the unit in a window. Designed to match older-style apartment and home windows that halfway raise upwards, these units install within the window frame and have gap fillers that address the sides of the window that are still left over between the frame and the unit. The installation is permanent, so the function of the window is otherwise lost, compromised by the unit being in place.

The second method involves crafting a cavity in the wall of the building and room to be benefitted by the cooler, and the unit is professionally installed within its own frame. This avoids compromising a window, and the unit still benefits the given room regardless, blowing cold air in.

In both situations, the swamp cooler will need a dedicated power source, but this simply identifying a wall plug to connect the cooler too via existing power connections in the room and building.


Compared to a central heat and air conditioning system (HVAC), a swamp cooler is a lot easier to maintain. Unlike a combined system usually installed in the attic, on the roof, or in multiple locations, a swamp cooler is almost always located as a singular unit in one place, half inside the room it benefits and half outside to the open air. The function of the swamp cooler is very straightforward, it pushes out moist, cool air which in turn reduces the temperature in a room versus the heat outside coming through the windows and walls. The cool air hits the person’s skin and reduces body temperature, which in turn makes a person feel colder. As the unit runs, it needs regular checks on its blowers, pumps, and pads. If these are kept in order by a trained technician, the swamp cooler will run reliably for an extended period of time, a number of years even.

One of the key maintenance factors involves making sure the water in the cooler’s evaporator is changed regularly. Sitting water tends to be contaminated, which in turn grows mold if spores happen to be in the mix. The other area to watch out for tends to be coolant leaks which reduce the cooling ability of the swamp cooler. Finally, the motorized parts need to be regularly checked or they can fail under strain, like the motorized fan that blows the air into a room.

Corrosion is also a common problem that can develop over time. Fundamentally, swamp coolers use water. Anything metal involved will react to oxidation from moisture being present and begin to rust. The corrosion tends to be most noticeable on the metal housing as well as in the brackets and support straps. Keeping these parts clear of corrosion and protected helps improve their longevity versus looking bad or failing prematurely.

Why Swamp Coolers Make Sense in Las Vegas

While the Nevada winters in Las Vegas make it clear there is no need for cooling, During the late spring, summer, and fall, Vegas can be downright hot. The desert town realized an extremely dry and arid atmosphere during the hot part of the year, which can practically suck the moisture out of one’s skin. Anyone who has to work in the sun knows that for every hour in the sun, one needs a couple of hours of time cooling to stay healthy. With high peak temperatures well over 100 degrees in the summer, having dedicated cooling is a must in Vegas.

Premier Industries, Inc. covers the entire gamut of swamp coolers and evaporative cooling systems for the entirety of the Las Vegas greater region. Not only does the company work in the area, but its employees are also residents themselves of Vegas, knowing darn well how valuable a good cooling system can be the town of lost wages, especially during the hottest times of the year. The beauty of Premier Industries comes with their broad product knowledge; most providers focus on one segment of the air conditioning industry. Premier Industries covers the bases on residential and home swamp coolers, office, and commercial evaporative coolers, and full facility and specialized facility cooling systems as well.

If you just moved to Las Vegas and are unsatisfied with what your home or office has, or you have decided to really need a boost in the current cooling capability, then give Premier Industries a call. We can go over all the options available to you as well as provide new ideas possible with evaporative cooling your original impression may not have included. HVAC systems, a common standard one-size-fits-all approach, tend to be present everywhere, but it does not always do the job, trying to do everything at once. With a dedicated evaporative cooler from Premier Industries, a lot of problems start to go away instantly.

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