Force Factor Test X180 Ignite Results: The Best Two-in-One Fat Burner and Muscle Builder?

Health & Fitnessby Ariana Smith01 February 2019

Test X180 Ignite

Testosterone boosters have been among the most popular supplements for guys in recent years for one reason: they deliver results. With that said, you need to pay attention to what you are putting into your body if you hope to get the best possible results. Force Factor’s Test X180 Ignite combines a testosterone-boosting formula with a “Fat Incineration Complex” to help burn fat while sculpting lean muscle mass, making it easier than ever to build the body of your dreams.

What Exactly Is “Free” Testosterone?

Free testosterone is the amount of testosterone that is flowing freely in your body. This free testosterone is “bioavailable,” meaning that it is relatively easy for your body to use to improve energy, libido, and physical performance.

In contrast, “bound testosterone” consists of testosterone molecules that are attached to cells in your body. This is still testosterone, but it isn’t as ready for use as its “free” counterpart.

Test X180 Ignite has a formula designed to boost free testosterone, helping to ensure that your body can put it to work with as little effort as possible.

How Does Test X180 Ignite Boost Testosterone?

Test X180 Ignite contains ingredients in a blend called the “Manliness Ignition Matrix” to boost testosterone. The star player is Testofen®, an extract from the fenugreek plant that has been clinically shown to boost testosterone.

Green tea leaf extract is also included as a powerful antioxidant, which helps your muscles recover more quickly after an intense workout.

The formula also contains a compound called EGCG, which helps increase your body’s core temperature to promote a process called thermogenesis – the literal burning of fat cells. This makes it easier to replace unattractive flab with lean muscle mass.

Horny goat weed has been traditionally used to improve blood circulation, helping free testosterone travel throughout your body. Not only does this help give your muscles the nutrients they need to thrive, but it also helps enhance libido and sexual readiness. Avena sativa extract helps enhance the efficacy of horny goat weed for an even more powerful effect.

Finally, a precise dose of caffeine is included to provide a jolt of energy. Test X180 Ignite also contains green coffee bean extract and white tea extract to help make it even easier for your body to burn fat.

Is Test X180 Ignite Stackable with Other Supplements?

Absolutely! Force Factor recommends stacking Test X180 Ignite with VolcaNO, a nitric oxide booster in their line, for enhanced energy, improved strength, and faster muscle recovery. That means you can get to the gym more often and complete more intense workouts. Best of all, the stack known as the “Boost” stack is available at a discounted price at

Are Men Seeing Results with Force Factor’s Test X180 Ignite?

Yes, they are. One reviewer on noted that the product gave him a noticeable energy spike that made it easy to power through the day.

Likewise, a reviewer on noted a significant increase in his athletic performance, adding that he is sure to purchase the product again.

Finally, an Amazon reviewer opined that the product is very affordable for all the benefits it provides.

Where Can I Get My Hands on Test X180 Ignite?

Force Factor’s Test X180 Ignite is available from a number of reputable retailers, including Amazon, GNC, and Walmart.

However, you can take advantage of an exclusive sample by ordering it directly from the manufacturer at

As noted above, Force Factor also offers special pricing on stacks that you won’t find anywhere else, which is another benefit of ordering direct.

Test X180 Ignite costs $69.99 for a one-month supply, but you can add VolcaNO for just $29.99 more via the Boost Stack promotion.

Either way, we recommend Test X180 Ignite to any guy looking to burn fat, build lean muscle in the gym, and experience all of the other benefits that boosting testosterone offers.

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