Did You Know That Someone Died On Valentine’s Day?

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the dark truth about valentine's day

Do you wonder why people celebrate Valentine’s Day? At times, do you think it is all for nothing?? Or is it a huge deal for you and your partner? You will be shocked to know that there is a twisted origin of the dark truth about valentine’s day!

How do you think, on this Day, love has become important for people? Why are people so lovey-dovey on this Day? From where did the concept of chocolates and hearts come from? In this blog, I will share the exact origin of the idea of Valentine’s Day! This way you can connect the purpose of anti Valentine’s day? 

St. Valentine was a man who was related to this Day, but why? Do you know the mystery of when people started connecting the Day with love? Please read this blog to understand the significance of Valentine’s Day and how it became this big ball of industry! 

You will be fascinated with the traditions happening worldwide on this Day. I am here to talk about their connection and the celebration’s conventionality. Only some people know how the Day came to be named after him. 

Why don’t you read along to explore this topic more? You will want to surprise someone with the two Saint Valentines of Terni and how the Day was named after her. 

Did You Know That Someone Died On Valentine’s Day? 

Did You Know That Someone Died On Valentine's Day_ (officials shooting priests)

There is no relation between Saint Valentine and the Day named after him, so why was it called? Is there any specific reason why the name was given? Let us evaluate why the Day was named after the man or them. 

The holiday’s origin cannot be pinpointed, but I am sure it was ancient Rome! The people during Lupercalia danced naked and waited to be whipped. Honoring love is important, and it is important to realize that it is emotion instead of only money being playful concerning Valentine’s Day! 

Therefore, evaluating the innermost perspective of love and its celebration is important, especially regarding Valentine’s Day! Read more about dark history and why it has become what it is today. 

Pagan’s Celebrated Valentine’s Day! 

Pagan's Celebrated Valentine's Day!

The Pagans had a weird way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, dating back to the pre-Roman era. According to the reports regarding the ways, a dog and a goat were sacrificed. It doesn’t end here, as women were whipped with the hides of the slain animals. 

The young women lined up voluntarily because this ritual was supposed to make them more fertile. Sounds crazy? Wait, there is more! There was also a lottery where young men got to pick women’s names from a jar. 

It was like matchmaking. However, there were no rules applied to it! The men get to couple with the women they chose for the festival, or they could continue for longer. Most of these couples ended in marriage. Sounds like one of the Valentine’s Day games but it was serious business! 

The festival was called Lupercalia, celebrated from 13th to 15th February. You can learn about the festival even in the famous play, “Julius Caesar,” by Shakespeare, where Caesar asked Antony to whip his wife in the hopes that she might become fertile. 

It was in the 5th Century that the festival was outlawed because, according to Pope Gelasius, it was “un-Christian”! Over the years, it has slowly become very mechanical where roses, chocolates, and teddy bears are used in the market to earn profit, not love! 

Saint Valentine’s Who? 

Saint Valentine's Who_

There were about 12 to 14 Saint Valentines who preached the good word in Rome! There was also a woman, a Spanish hermit among them known as Valentina. It was not their name exactly; it was more of a common term used during the Late Antiquity period. 

Two of these men were martyred on February 14 in the 3rd Century! Under Emperor Claudius II’s order, the execution happened. Both were named Valentine’s. It was in honor of these men that the Catholic Church celebrated the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day. 

According to the legend, the reason is that in third-century Rome, Emperor Claudius II claimed that single men made better soldiers. The Saints challenged the claim and ended up dead. There is another story where a bishop, Saint Valentine, in third-century Rome married two lovers! 

Both individuals are from different religions, and it was against their parent’s wishes that they married, which Saint Valentine officiated. He shared flowers from his garden with the visitors and officiated their wedding. It became a prime example of celebrating love. 

You might hear another folktale related to it, which suggests love in the form of sacrifice and celebration! A man was apparently in jail and fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. On this Day, he wrote the first letter to the girl, which he signed as “from your valentine.”! 

The First Celebration Of V Day! 

The First Celebration Of V Day!

It was on February 14 that the first Valentine’s Day was celebrated after the year Saint Valentine was buried! Now, the question arises about when it became a romantic and lovely occasion. 

A whole industry has been created based on the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day, and it all started in the 1500s. Roses, cards, heart-shaped balloons, chocolates, and other objects were signs of love and dedication in a relationship. It was by 1700 and 1800 that it all became industrialized! 

Cards, which were paired with hearts, were manufactured and circulated. The focus of romance and love started from the emotion of sharing gifts and emotional renditions of their feelings. Do you know where the commercial Valentine’s Day cards were printed the first time? In the USA! 

No surprises there! Now, the question is, when did birds become a symbol of love? During the avian mating season, the birds were traditionally used in the middle of February to symbolize love and beauty. Feels like getting Valentine’s Day nails but more elaborate, I guess. 

Evolution And Traditions Across The Globe! 

Evolution And Traditions Across The Globe!

The evolution of Valentine’s Day in the modern world is more of a result of industries dependent on gift-giving and celebration. Products like chocolate, stationery, jewelry, and flowers are different ways businesses try to boost sales. 

Valentine’s Day has sometimes become why many individuals face serious conflict: one person believes in it while the other doesn’t! What are the traditions that are followed across the globe on Valentine’s Day? 

For example, you will be shocked to know that in Saudi Arabia, the holiday of Valentine’s Day is not legal; hence, there is a huge black market for heart-shaped chocolates and red roses during February. 

When evaluating the different love experiences in other countries, I learned that there are other aspects. Love is important in life, but it is not necessary to represent or symbolize it through objects. 


In February, Valentine’s Day is not celebrated! The “Semana de la Dulzura” is a celebration in July where Argentinian couples enjoy themselves. It is the week of sweetness from July 1 to July 7, when they spoil their loved ones with kisses and sweet treats! 

South Africa 

This is the best way to wear your heart on your sleeve! Women in South Africa can write the name of the individual they love on paper, which they can pin on their sleeves. 

This is traditional and perfect, especially when the world is getting to know someone who has won their hearts.


Valentine’s Day in the Philippines is perfect, especially on a romantic day! The government of the Philippines organizes one big marriage ceremony where you can get married en masse! 

So, if you plan to get married, go to the Philippines! You will love the vibe because it will inspire you to share your feelings with your lover. 


Valentine’s Day is not called the same as February 14; however, “El Dia del Amor y Amistad” is the name of the Day! In Mexico, people celebrate love in all its glory, starting from platonic, familial, and romantic. 

According to the people of Mexico, it is about the Day where friendship and love are celebrated on this Day in all its comfort and glory! 


On Valentine’s Day, Germans prefer pig-shaped gifts to heart-shaped gifts! The flowers, ginger cookies, and chocolates are available in pig-shaped gifts and are exchanged. Pigs represent lust and love; hence, they reign in Germany. 

Czech Republic 

In the U.S., Valentine’s Day is properly commercialized; however, in the Czech Republic, romance is integral. However, the celebration is ongoing on February 14; instead, it is on May 1 when they organize festivities with the statue of poet Karel Hynek Macha. 

The statue is situated alongside a cherry tree grove, which was picturesque, where couples could share a kiss when under the blooms.

The Romans Loved Violently! 

The Romans Loved Violently!

Love for the Romans is violent, especially when they get to celebrate the feast of Lupercalia! The people were loud and aggressive as they drank and danced naked while celebrating the feast. With the festivals being brutal, there is also a matchmaking lottery where young men choose their women! 

With the evolution of the holiday, St. Valentine’s Day was celebrated quite differently. It has become a business where people are more interested in showing off and use objects such as roses, chocolates, and teddies to showcase their love. 

For the longest time, Lupercalia was relevant to the events through which you could become more fertile. Now, we must find out if it is a folktale or a superstition with some significant foundation. 

How Is Cupid Related To Love_

The connection between love and Cupid goes long back, so let’s read more to understand why they resemble love! Now, the question is, why is Cupid connected with love? In Greek, Eros is the God of love, Cupid, but he was adorable during that time. 

The lineage of Cupid is quite conflicting as some talk about him as the son of Aphrodite and Ares or the Son of Erebus and Nyx. Some also say that even Zeus and Aphrodite might be its parents, or, at times, Zeus might be his grandfather. 

In the mythology of Greece, Cupid’s emotions are shown as playful, along with the irresistibility towards its cuteness. Cupid’s mischievousness regarding love and mushy stuff has always been highlighted!

It is from the 1400s that Valentine’s Day has become a trendy practice! It sounds sweet, especially when fest days celebrate goodness, kindness, and genuine connection. 

The concept of love has been commercialized to an extent where even partners or couples are affected. Sometimes, you wonder why your partner did not give you a rose; you fight. However, that is different from how you deal with your relationships. 

You should be aware of what business is and how it influences your decision to celebrate or understand love’s significance.

Love Or Business… 

Love Or Business…

You will read works by Shakespeare or Chaucer that are romantic and sweet, thus gaining awareness or popularity across Europe and Britain. The chocolate, flowers, and cards industry has started cashing in on the celebration. 

However, the romance theme is from ancient times, as handmade paper cards are from the Middle Ages and are considered tokens du jour. In the new world, the tradition carried on, thus transforming into factory-made cards. Very similar to creating Valentine’s Day outfit perfect for business! 

It was in the 19th Century that Hallmark Cards of Kansas City started producing a huge number of cards. A big business, love, is now a commercial business where people are expected to be gifted and receive gifts. The emotions are hardly related to these expectations in recent times! 

Understanding the way roses or heart-shaped cards influence our emotions is quite significant. Therefore, learn about why emotions are used to manipulate or control you to objectify it. 

Finishing Off… 

Now that you have read about the dark truth about Valentine’s Day, what do you think about the recent business related to love? Do you sometimes wonder if writing love letters or notes to another person can touch their heart? 

Since the 1400s, Valentine’s Day has been a billion-dollar business. However, it is also significant in how people interpret it. The different stories and folktales of Valentine’s Day are interesting and important! 

Comment on your perspective regarding how Valentine’s Day has turned into a business instead of the emotional quotient of love.

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