Top 8 Best Bedroom Games For Couples To Spice It Up!  

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Planning to create some memorable moments with your partner? Is it an anniversary date that you are unable to celebrate for so long due to both of your busy schedules? Read the article to learn more about the bedroom games that will add spice in your life.

You can play these games in any stage of a relationship, be it in a 2 month crush relationship or dating phase or 18 years of marriage with 2 children! Games with a hint of sexual undetone along with intellectual connection will bring you guys closer.

Top 8 Best Bedroom Games For Couples To Spice It Up!  

Top 8 Best Bedroom Games For Couples To Spice It Up!

Give this article a read especially if you are trying to do some fun activities in the bedroom to spice things up! The bedroom games have the power to help you bond better with your partner leading to a development of significant trust.

Let’s delve deeper into your fantasies and explore different aspects of your relationship. The emotions that are a part of your life will increase significantly leading to further bonding with your partner. Keep reading all about the game!

1. Naughty Girl  

Do you like getting spanked? Well I can assure you, if you are someone who enjoys spanking you can play this game with your man. If you have spend some years in your relationship, I am sure there are little things that he might not like you doing (nothing serious, just some fun or teasing things)

You can tell him one at a time while he spanks you! Hard! Doesn’t it feel good, naughty girl? There are little alert sensations which will turn you on, getting you all stimulated for the big event.

He would like it too, spanking you hard and then rubbing his cock on your butt? Try and see when things go, girlies!

2. Sensual Massage  

A little massage goes a long way! You can spread a towel on the floor or the bed and oil your partner all over! The lubricant will not only make your skin feel better but also relax your whole body. How about some role-play in this?

You can totally play the role of a masseuse with your partner! Warning, things can get messy! But it will be so much fun! If you are using eucalyptus or mint oil, try and avoid the genital areas! I will suggest use a non-irritating lubricant especially when sexual acts might be involved.

3. Truth Or Dare  

An age old game that never gets old, truth or dare brings out the opportunity of entertaining some of the craziest fantasies along with spilling some secrets. Carefree lovemaking, fun and laughter is a part of the game so couples should keep on playing this game!

This game also ensures more transparency in your relationship! Furthermore, do not restrict yourself in the bedroom, go out and explore other rooms and parts of your house especially if both of you are alone in the house. You will see significant growth in the relationship in the future.

4. Close Your Eyes And Open Your Mouth   

Another steamy bedroom game that is bound to increase the temperature! This game can be played by both the man and the woman in the game. If you are the girl in the couple, you can ask your man to sit or lie based on your comfort and ask them to close his eyes.

You then ask him to open his mouth and touch different parts of your body on his lips. He will then have to identify the body part.

If you are a man searching for some of the best bedroom games to spice up your relationship, this is for you! You can get your girl to close her eyes and touch parts of your body on her lips so that she can guess the body part!

5. Hot And Cold  

If you are more of a daredevil and really want to make things spicy, you should try this game. What you need is a glass of hot water and a glass of ice water! Get a towel and spread it on the bed and ask your man to lie down on the bed! Or he can stand based on his convenience!

You then take alternate sips of the water and accordingly, go down on him! You have to take the liquid and swish it around your mouth or swallow accordingly keeping the temperature of the mouth. Your man will definitely feel the change leading to a very exciting sensation!

You can also try this hot and cold thing with your hands! Giving a hand job can be a dream come true for your man!

6. Roll The Dice  

You will need two six-sided dice then assign each value with a sexual act! Do note them down or you will get confused later. For example, you can assign a sexual act such as sucking his lower lip with the value 1 on the dice or he can go down on you to the value 3!

Don’t stop until you finish all the 12 numbers as you will experience some of the best times of life. This will also be a good way of initiating foreplay as there will be more bonding between the two as a couple.

At the end of the game, both of you will be turned on and ready to go! Your bedroom will be more of a steamy and cozy room than just a place to sleep!

7. Strip Pong  

If you have been in a long-term relationship or in a marriage, you know things can get monotonous or routine. This is your turn to make things interesting by going back to a game that will take you back to your college days.

You will need ping pong balls, 12 to 16 ounces Solo cups, a table, and your choice of alcohol. You have to put 6 cups on each side of the table and fill it with your choice of alcohol or if you are one of you who doesn’t drink, you can fill it with juice or water.

Now you and your partner take turns trying to throw one ping pong ball in the other’s side cup and if you can do it, you successfully score it. Now that you have scored, your partner has to drink up and remove one piece of clothing.

So the individual who can score all six cups will win the drink and accordingly win the sexual favor of your choice! The game is a sexual fun activity and inhibitions will be resolved!

8. Straight Face  

If you are best friends with your partner or you feel that both of you need to relax with a bit of laughter, this is the game you should go for! You will need several slips of paper on which both of you will write things and put them in two separate bowls.

Write something silly that you know will make the other person crack a laugh. Accordingly, make the environment in the bedroom romantic and light-hearted.

Now the rule is you have to read what your partner has written out loud! If you so much as make movements with your lips, you have to remove one clothing item. Try and write things that are provocative and flirty so that even as your partner laughs, they get turned on!

Finishing Off…  

What do you have to say about bedroom games and their contribution in improving your relationship with your partner? Do you think love and sex are an integral part of your relationship or is it more of an initiative to connect more deeply with your partner?

I believe these games bring couples closer, not just physically but also intellectually and emotionally. Couples become more comfortable with these games.

Comment on which game is your favorite or is there any one game that is already your favorite!

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