Things to Consider While House Hunting in Pune

Real Estateby Ariana Smith15 November 2017

House Hunting in Pune

If you’re looking for a room for rent, a single room or a 2bhk flat on rent in Pune this list can help get your search off on the right foot. Think over these factors apart from the size of the room, kitchen layout and balconies before you move in.

Things to Consider While House Hunting in Pune:


The freshly painted walls, shower room, and the French Windows may seem amazing, but you will soon see yourself tugging at your purse strings to pay rent and sort out amenities. Stick to a budget, to find an affordable place even if it is small.

Tread carefully:

Looking for a single room for rent in Pune or flat for rent in Pune, there are ways you could be scammed. Beware of loops like credit checks are being by passed or charges for viewing an apartment. These are red flag aspects and a sure sign of caution to complicate things difficult to rectify things later.

Potential Neighbourhood:

Consider the charm of the neighbourhood to match your expectations. A small house with a friendly and affable neighbourhood could make your stay a memorable one. Look out for the cleanliness aspect, dumping yards, and other shady hangouts. Check if there is space to walk, jog or bike for leisure. Make sure you do a dry run during weekends and nights to see if the area is safe and devoid of noisy neighbours.

Location and commute:

Size, shape, and interiors are not the only things to be looking out for. You could live with any imperfection and change it too, but you cannot change the location. When hunting, consider proximity to work, accessibility to essential services, shopping, schools, hospitals, and public transportation.

Check the functionality of cabinets, faucets, flush and other white goods provided:

Ensure faucets, flush, closets and cabinets and the white goods (washing machines, geysers etc.) if provided are in working condition. You do not want to be greeted by brown water dripping through taps, clogged toilets, and geysers that just don’t heat. Extra grease of paint could tighten the door knobs and alignments. Check the doors, handles, and windows thoroughly to avoid any revelations which could affect your privacy.

Make a checklist and take photos:

Ensure that you conduct an inventory before you move in. Chipped walls, broken door handles, leakage in the bathroom are some common aspects which are neglected. Take pictures of anything you think is not functional. This checklist will prove that they existed before you moved in. This is proof of their existence when you moved in to ensure that it will not be taken care of from your security deposit when you move out.

Terms and conditions:

Read through your tenancy agreement carefully to look for any hidden clauses. Don’t just sign on some paper in a hurry to start renting that perfect house which ticks all your boxes. You do not want to be caught off guard at any time during the tenancy or when you decide to leave.

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