Things You Must Confirm Before Finalizing Event Space for Corporate Events

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Organizations and businesses arrange different kinds of corporate events for product or service launches, meetings, conferences, seminars, yearend parties, success parties, etc. For such occasions in Sausalito, it is important to look for the right event space for rent in Sausalito. Arranging for an event in an outside location will require careful planning and the first step of the planning is finding the best event space for corporate events in Sausalito.

There are many available venues in Sausalito where corporate events can be hosted. Before you finalize your deal for a particular venue, confirm certain things well in advance:


In case of a local corporate event, try selecting a venue that has a prime location in the city. This is done so that the place is easily accessible from all parts of the city. Many organizations also prefer if the venue is in close proximity to the office so that keeping coordination is easier. Along with easy reach, the location should also be a safe one. In case the event is being hosted in another town or state, ensure that it can be accessed easily from the airport as most of the guests will come from outside.

Parking facilities

The majority of people who come to attend corporate events will come in their own cars or hire car rentals. Therefore the venue should have abundant parking facilities so that all the cars can be accommodated comfortably. Check whether the parking option is self-parking or valet service only.

Arrangements of audiovisual services

Since it is a corporate event, it is obvious that there will be PowerPoint presentations, video presentations, and graphical representations, and so on. Special lighting systems along with microphones, screens, projectors, etc will also be needed. Teleconferencing facilities should also be available from the venue so that online meetings and seminars can be conducted without any problems. Make a list of the AV needs that you have and look for a venue where the facility will be available.

Availability of space at the venue

The sizes of corporate venues vary greatly from one another. While some venues can be really big, some are quite small accommodating only around 25-30 people. If the event is a small one and will end in a short span, a small space is enough. But if the event will be a long one and includes dinner or lunch as well as refreshment, it is good to choose a larger space. Know the number of guests that you will have and ask for the capacity of the venue. You can then make the final decision.

Ask about the catering services

While some venues have their own catering services; others will provide the liberty of bringing in your own caterer. If the venue has its own catering service, ask them about the food items that they serve for refreshments/lunch and dinner. Prior planning for catering is important. if you need to arrange catering on your own, talk to various catering companies and then finalize the deal with the suitable party.

As someone who is looking to host the perfect event, it is important that prior care and concern are taken when it comes to choosing the catering services. Most catering services will promise you quite a lot, simply to outsource many things to third-party vendors. On the other hand, My Alter Ego are catering specialists, that excel in everything from fine dining to finger foods! It is important to get a catering service that has a wide repertoire of services on offer for different needs and requirements.

Services offered at the venue

There are certain services that are offered in the venue package. Ask the owner of the venue what services are included. Some common things that are included are stages, table, and chair rentals, linen, Wi-Fi, sound equipment, etc. For a corporate event, it is important that these services are more than perfect.

Access to the venue and restrictions

This particular point is valid for event space for rent for weddings in Sausalito along with corporate event venue renting. Ask the venue caretaker when you can take charge of the space for the event so that you can start taking preparations for setting up the event. Along with this, ask if there are any restrictions that need to be followed in the venue.

Keeping these simple things in mind will help in finding the best venue for your corporate event at Sausalito.

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