Instant Hit With Fans, The Titan Video Game Has A Free Multiplayer Attack!

Newsby sagnika sinha30 November 2023

Instant Hit With Fans, The Titan Video Game Has A Free Multiplayer Attack!

The release of the new multiplayer attack on the game Attack on Titan, which is also free, has gone viral! Manga and Anime fans are going ga ga over this feature. The feature has been launched by video game developer Swammy, who recently built it.

The fan-made game was developed on Unreal Engine 5, where players can play through fights alone or with their friends. In the new update, the game has a new peer-to-peer multiplayer system that allows up to eight players to participate.

The developer, Sammy, also claims he has been working on future updates on the fan project and other available content. At least four major contents are lined up for the game, and of course, it makes fans even more excited.

The manga-turned-anime series is a beloved game for many, so the content updates will bring major changes. The Attack on Titan is delightful and astonishing content developed as a one-person effort!

He has expressed thank you to all fans, along with the fans expressing gratitude to him for developing such a game and then releasing it for free. The game was first revealed in 2021 when Sammy integrated some improvements into the game’s mechanics.

The game has a large character roster, improved graphic quality, and responsive ODM gear. There has been speculation previously regarding updates and content added to the game for upgrading several features.

Considerably, the franchise’s source material has been one of the best and most famous battles, including reenacting scenarios or campaigns. The manga series Attack on Titan was written by Hajime Isayama, who also illustrated the work.

Also, the comic series went on from 2009 to 2021 with a plot where the man-eating giants, Titans, are trapped in the remainder of humanity with three giant walls. The series has become quite popular, with over 110 million copies already sold while it was written!

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