Wexco Group & Wexco NZ To Boost DHL Aviation’s Presence In Australia And New Zealand

Newsby Ankita Tripathy24 November 2023

Wexco Group & Wexco NZ To Boost DHL Aviation's Presence In Australia and New Zealand

In a strategic move set to enhance air cargo operations, Wexco Group and Wexco NZ, subsidiaries of ECS Group, have inked a partnership with DHL Aviation to deliver General Sales & Services Agent (GSSA) services in Australia and New Zealand, effective December 1, 2023.

The comprehensive four-year GSSA contracts, finalized in late September 2023, are poised to elevate DHL Aviation’s footprint in the region. The collaboration anticipates a seamless transition for 45 weekly flights, encompassing 26 from Australia and 19 from New Zealand.

Wexco’s General Manager, Richard Valenzuela, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, citing DHL Aviation’s diverse offerings, including regular horse shipments and a spectrum of perishable commodities. The partnership positions Wexco to play a pivotal role in DHL Aviation’s regional and international success, handling a substantial weekly capacity of 550 tonnes.

DHL Aviation, a key player in trans-Tasman trade, connects Australia and New Zealand to global destinations such as Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bahrain, the USA, and various European locations. Notably, its Australian flight schedule features a robust Melbourne–Singapore connection five times weekly and seven times weekly operations from Sydney to Singapore.

The collaboration extends to New Zealand, with DHL operating flights from Christchurch via Auckland to Sydney six times per week and a Christchurch–Auckland–Melbourne route five times per week. Main exports include fish, dairy, general cargo, and horses to Australia, while New Zealand exports consist of meat, fruit, seafood, and general cargo to Asia.

Nathan Vellasamy, Vice President, Air Capacity Sales, Asia Pacific, DHL Aviation, emphasizes the company’s commitment to ensuring reliable and efficient service performance in the Oceania region. DHL Aviation has invested significantly in the area over the past five years and sees this partnership as a crucial element of its growth strategy.

Cedric Millet, Managing Director of Wexco Group & Wexco NZ, highlights Wexco’s extensive experience in the air cargo markets of Australia and New Zealand, emphasizing their customer-centric approach and cutting-edge digital solutions. With ECS Group representing DHL in over 20 countries globally, this collaboration marks another milestone in their successful international partnership.

As the partnership unfolds, industry watchers anticipate a dynamic and prosperous trajectory for DHL Aviation and its collaborators, setting the stage for an exceptional 2024 and beyond.

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