Streets Of Sydney Getting Ready For The Festive Season With Harry Potter Theme!

Newsby sagnika sinha14 December 2023

Streets Of Sydney Getting Ready For The Festive Season With Harry Potter Theme!

From the 13th to the 26th of December, the Australian suburbs will be lighting up, and they are using Harry Potter-themed Christmas lights! It is the Australia-based Harry Potter fans whom Warner Bros. Discovery is inviting to check the lights out.

Spectacular Christmas lights pull a spellbinding look on you as it brings out all the festive splendor. The arrangements of Harry Potter lights give you a feeling of being inside Hogwarts! The Muggle home will be transformed into a magical splendor and festive feel similar to the Harry Potter world.

If you visit Ramsgate Beach during the holiday season, you will see all the houses decorated with Harry Potter Christmas lights. The trail of Christmas lights across the streets of Sydney will give you so much delight.

Along with the elements of the Christmas decorations, there will also be glowing golden snitches, Patronus animals, and floating candles! Furthermore, remember how Christmas trees are decorated with Hogwarts house colors, which makes your heart happy. Imagine talking about Hogwarts house traits while looking at these lights!

If you are decorating your home this Christmas, you can use Thestrals, which can be set so that it pulls a carriage across the roof! There can also be Dobby and Goblin statues in the half-light, half-dark across your yard!

This will make it so interesting, especially if you have friends who are Harry Potter fans. Harry Potter is one such franchise that brings so much spice to the overall decoration! If you are walking down the suburbs of Sydney, you might find a whomping Willow tree in one of the yards.

Imagine parking a car just below the whomping willow tree! The senior marketing director of Warner Bros. Discovery, Sasha Mackie, has announced that the event is a must! You have to visit the display, considering a new Christmas tradition has been started. The fans and families can experience magic this summer in a new light!

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