The Next-Gen Consoles Of ‘Synergia: Sunrise’ Has Exciting Features: Adds 4k Artwork  

Newsby Susmita Sen26 September 2023

Next-Gen Consoles Of ‘Synergia Sunrise

Recently, Top Hat Studios announced the next-gen version of consoles of the Yuri cyberpunk visual novel Synergia: Sunrise. The game’s improved sound quality edition will be launching in 2023 on September 3.

The publisher has stated that this version of the game has been explicitly designed to take advantage of new hardware, and this brings the game natively to the next-gen consoles. In terms of additions, the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One versions of this game will also receive the upgrade of this game.

Players who own this gaming console’s original will receive a full discount for the upgrade. This upgrade includes improvements such as faster loading times, 4K artwork, and some exciting additional features. Players can also look forward to the 56-page artbook, a music listening room, an in-game comic reader, and many others. The story deeply drives the main characters, including Cilia and Mara, beyond the neon urban confines of the Empire.

This plot also explores the broader repercussions of their actions. Additionally, the next-gen edition of the Synergia gaming console adds native 4K resolution and even supports the next-gen exciting features enhanced with multiple exciting cloud features. This also adds in-game content, including a 56-page original artbook, a music listening room, and many others.

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