Top 3 Tools To Write The Best Assignments In College

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If you wish to score top ranks in your college, then submitting assignments that are well-researched and well-written is quite important. Submitting assignments of great quality will fetch you high marks easily and also will improve your impression among the professors as well.

However, writing effective assignments is not an easy task. To make sure that your assignment stands out, you need to have proper insight into the subject and also write it in an interesting manner.

Students who are not confident in their writing skills often hire professional assignment writing services to get the work done. A simple online search on “write my term paper” can provide you with details of hundreds of assignment writing services. Even though such services do provide great assignments at nominal costs, completing assignments yourself can really help in improving your writing skills.

To help you be confident, here are some top free tools to write the best assignments in college.

Top 3 Assignment Writing Tools

1. Internet Public Library:

If you have a guide assigned to monitor your assignment, then in most cases the guide will help you in choosing the subject for your assignment.

However, if you’re on your own or if your guide hasn’t given you any topics, then there are lots of sources online from where you can draw inspiration for your assignment topic.

The best place is the Internet Public Library. The Internet Public Library (IPL) is an online library that is set up by students, professors, and volunteers in order to provide the internet users with journals, articles, official documents, and other archives on various subjects.

All the content on the IPL website are grouped by subject and are then organized alphabetically which makes it easier for you to find and read content related to the subject of your interest.

2. Grammarly:

Grammarly is a spelling and grammar checking tool that follows the comma rule by Oxford which is very effective for writing assignments. You can also select between American or British English while checking your writing for errors.

What makes Grammarly really popular in comparison to other spell and grammar error checkers is that the Grammarly tool is available across multiple platforms. You can make use of their website, download their standalone app on your system, or even install the Grammarly browser extension/plugin. This makes sure that no matter where you are writing the content, you can easily and swiftly check the grammar and spelling errors. Grammarly also checks for grammar and spelling errors in real-time so that you can rectify the mistakes while you keep writing.

Grammarly also offers a paid version of their tool which helps in improving the overall structure of the sentences as well apart from checking for grammar and spelling errors.

3. PlagTracker:

Plagiarism is a very serious issue that you should be concerned about while writing your assignment. Most colleges and universities consider plagiarism as a serious offense and you may even get expelled if your assignment has copied content in it.

Using a plagiarism tool is the best way to make sure that your assignment does not have any copied phrases or sentences in it. The PlagTracker tool is one of the best online tools that you can use to check your assignment for plagiarism. You can either upload the document file of your assignment or directly copy and paste the assignment text in this tool for checking. The PlagTracker tool will then check through more than 20 million copies of texts available on the internet and then provide you with a report of copied texts in your assignment along with their sources.

Final Words :

The tools that we mentioned in this list are the tools that ease out the task of writing assignments and also make sure that the assignment is of good quality. We hope you found the list helpful and if you did, then do share this article with your friends to help them out as well.

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