Top 9 foods To Avoid When Trying To Maintain Weight After HCG Diet

Health & Fitnessby Ariana Smith24 March 2018

HCG Diet

Once you are done with your HCG diet program, the maintenance phase will begin. Depending on your food habits, you will either succeed in maintaining weight or end up with regaining all your lost weight. Eat carefully by avoiding fattening foods and you will succeed in remaining slim. However, if you are unable to keep a lid on your cravings and start eating fatty foods excessively, then you will only regain the weight you lost through the rigorous diet. To help you avoid packing weight, we list below nine food items you should stay away from.

High Carb Snacks :

The number one item to avoid is high carb snacks. It is normal for people to feel like munching on something every now and then. But when you make it a habit out of it, then you will be unnecessarily consuming a lot of calories. And if the snacks you eat are high in carbohydrates, then it is inevitable that you will start regaining the lost weight. Your body will convert the excess carbs into sugar, which will spike up the blood sugar levels and result in hunger pangs. This can trigger you to eat sugary items more, thereby forming an endless cycle of high carb snacks and weight gain. So, stay away from such snacks, and instead opt for low carb ones.

White Bread :

A regular white bread will contain lots of sugar inside it. Eating the bread will raise the blood sugar levels of the body. As such, when you regularly consumer white bread, you will ultimately gain weight and can become obese. This is one of the reasons why many people have opted out from eating white bread. Instead, you should try out the healthier options like a whole wheat bread or something similar.

Sweetened Drinks :

During you HCG loading phase, you will have had the freedom to drink as much sweetened drinks as you can since the aim was to pack up your body with calories. However, since you are now looking to avoid regaining your weight, sweetened drinks should be avoided at any cost. Not only do they add unnecessary calories to your body, but sweetened drinks also tend to increase the hunger cravings. So, opt for plain and unsweetened drinks whenever you feel like drinking something.

Fruit Juice :


Once you start avoiding sweetened drinks, you might think that drinking fruit juices should be okay. But that is not completely true. The fructose in the fruit juice will neutralize the body’s ability to realize when it’s satiated.  As such, you will end y eating more than necessary. Plus, fruit juice will take out all the natural fibers from the fruit, thereby only leaving empty calories in the juice.

Frozen Foods :

Buying a frozen meal and heating it is indeed an easy way to eat food when you don’t have time to cook something fresh. But since you are looking to keep your weight under strict control, it is recommended that you avoid frozen meals altogether. They generally contain high amounts of sodium, which is added to preserve the food better. And the excess sodium intake will only make you bloat up. Manufacturers also try to pack in as many calories as they can in every bite. As such, every bite of a frozen meal will contain far more calories than a bite from normal, home-cooked meal. This essentially means that when you eat the same quantity of frozen meal and home cooked meal, you will end up consuming more calories with the frozen one. This is why they are to be avoided.

Large Packs Snacks :

Any snacks that come in large packs must be avoided. This is because people have a tendency to eat more when they have a large snack pack rather than when they have a small snack pack. For example, suppose that you have a snack pack weighing 300 grams and another weighing 200 grams. Now, you might decide that you will eat about half of the snack inside the pack. This essentially means that you will consume close to 150 grams from the large pack and only 100 grams from the smaller pack. So, getting smaller sized snack packs will also contribute to helping you manage your weight.

Alcohol :


It is estimated that a wine drinker consumes an average of 2000 calories each month. But that is just an average figure. Some people tend to overdrink and end up consuming large quantities of wine and other alcoholic drinks. And this will have a negative effect on your weight. When your body has to choose between alcohol and fat to burn first, it will always choose alcohol. And until and unless the alcohol is your system is completely burned off, the fats will remain deposited in your body. This should be good enough to make you understand why alcohol is something that must be avoided. 

Soy Sauce :

Many people tend to add soy sauce to their food to flavor it up. If you have such a habit, then you should stop immediately. While soy sauce does not have many calories, what it does have is high amounts of sodium. This will can leave you feeling bloated. In addition, the excessive consumption of sodium can also raise your blood pressure levels. So, stay away from soy sauce and use flavorings that do not contain sodium.

Coffee :


Coffee is known to contain caffeine and other chemicals, which have been observed to increase metabolism and help burn up more fat. But this is only true if you drink coffee by itself without adding anything else. Unfortunately, most people add a few teaspoons of sugar and some cream when making their coffee. Regular consumption of such coffee will lead to your body piling up too many calories.

As long as you keep the above food items away from your daily diet, you should be able to keep your weight in check. And if you start exercising your body, you can tone it up pretty well.

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