Descending Into Darkness: A Journey Through Underworld Movies In Sequence!  

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Underworld Movies In Sequence

Is it normal for me to still expect people to be crazy about Kate Beckinsale? An English actress, she stars in the Underworld movie series; hence, you have to watch Underworld movies in order. She gained popularity from these films, especially with her performance!

For over a decade, the Underworld franchise satisfied audiences with its staple of horror and thriller! The films were a hit, especially with the limited number in the horror genre that were good. Considering several movies in the franchise, it is normal for you to need clarification on the storyline.

Let me clear all confusion regarding the storyline, the timeline, and in which order the movies take place. Read the article to learn about any unexpected prequels and sequels, thus having a better idea of the story.

Descending Into Darkness: A Journey Through Underworld Movies In Sequence!  

Descending Into Darkness_ A Journey Through Underworld Movies In Sequence!

Are you a fan of Kate Beckinsale? Did you know she stepped away from the underworld movies for only one film? Can you guess which one? No worries, here I am, ready to tell you the correct Underworld movies in order!

The movies tell the stories of Vampires and a clan of werewolves known as the Lycans and their war over the years! The movies in the franchise follow the hate between the two species towards each other and how they wage war against each other!

Chronological Order Of Underworld Movies!  

Chronological Order Of Underworld Movies!

The films represent the fantasy genre, where the conflicts between the vampires and the lycans are highlighted with violence, war, attack, blood, and killing. Please read about Underworld movies in chronological order!

At a time when CGI was not an integral part of the industry, Underworld films used silicone body suits, post-Matrix work, and animatronic tech. The films have been entertaining concerning the representation of supernatural elements.

If you are questioning, how many Underworld movies are there? Read the list and plots of the movies and check out whether you have got the plot clear concerning the timeline!

Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (2009)  

Underworld_ Rise Of The Lycans (2009)

The movie was released later but is a prequel to the first two released films! It is in this movie that Kate Beckinsale was not cast as it tells the origin of Lucian and the Lycan species. Viktor, the vampire elder, raises Lucian and hopes that the Lycan species will someday work for them.

Viktor’s daughter Sonja and Lucian begin a secret affair once they grow up! When Viktor finds out about his daughter in a relationship with a Lycan, he imprisoned his daughter. Then he learns that she is carrying a child, hence murdering her.

It was Sonja’s death that triggered hatred for the vampires in Lucian. This is the starting point of the age-old feud between the vampires and Lycans, and the whole story ends with a shot of Selene, a vampire played by Kate Beckinsale, as she learns the truth behind the war!

Underworld (2003)  

Underworld (2003)

If you ask a question, Underworld where to watch? Check out Prime Video. The plot of this movie is based in modern-day London, and it starts in the middle of a war between the Lycans and the vampires. It is shown that the vampires have an upper hand in the battle.

The movie’s protagonist, Selene, is a vampire assassin, a Death Dealer, who is very good at killing Lycans. Lycans killed her parents when she was a young child; hence, she grows up to avenge her parents.

She has been raised by none other than Viktor, the vampire elder, and has trained her! She is at odds with Lucian, a Lycan, throughout the film. However, at a later stage in the movie, she gets to know that it was Viktor who killed her parents.

Also, she realizes that Kraven, a vampire, is a traitor. She needs clarification concerning her loyalties. During the film, she saves a human named Michael, portrayed by Scott Speedman, who Lycans has bitten.

They discover he is a direct descendant of the Cornivus line, in which Michael can be a hybrid between vampire and lycan. Selene bites Michael, turning him into a hybrid, thus making an enemy out of both vampires and lycans.

Underworld Evolution (2006)  

Underworld Evolution (2006)

The movie starts exactly where the previous one left off, where Michael and Selene are learning about the feud’s origins between the two species. They also accept their feelings for each other!

In due course, they find a mysterious pendant, which they assume is connected to the issues between Lycans and Vampires. They meet Alexander, an ancient vampire who shares the further history of the two species with the pair.

Markus is another older vampire who attacks Michael and Alexander and informs his plans to bring a race of hybrids of lycans and vampires. Michael seems dead while Alexander is about to die, so Alexander asks Selene to drink his blood so that she can get Hybrid powers.

Later, Michael comes back to life! Now, both of them are hybrids and are ready to wage war!

Underworld: Endless War (2011)  

Underworld_ Endless War (2011)

The film has a plot of Selene investigating in Paris where three lycan brothers have created chaos. Her mission is to eliminate any issues and secure the Paris mansion for the Old World Vampire Coven. Currently, the three brothers have established their rule as lords.

It was a mini-movie with a running time of 18 minutes and did not have Kate Beckinsale playing Selene. Laura Harris played the character along with Mark Oliver, portraying Michael Corvin.

Underworld Awakening (2012)  

Underworld Awakening (2012)

The film shows a time jump where the outside world or the rest of the society, including the government, becomes aware of vampires and Lycans. Humans want to capture vampires for their power, study them, and use them for their benefit.

Vampires are being constantly hunted down, and it was during this time that Selene was captured. To study her, humans put her in a cryogenic suspension. Half of her species is gone when she awakes, and she manages to escape.

As she runs, she feels another’s point of view is guiding her to safety. She also meets David, another younger vampire who is tracking her. She hears someone else has also escaped the facility and assumes it’s Michael.

However, later, she realizes it is a girl who happens to be her and Michael’s daughter. During an attack, a lycan bites the girl, initiating a partial transformation to reveal that she is a hybrid between vampire lycans.

Later, they go to the facility to stop lycans from killing off vampires, where they find Michael; however, he escapes without noticing them!

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)  

Underworld_ Blood Wars (2016)

Another time jump has Selene running along with David as lycans and vampires hunt her to find her daughter. Even though Selene does not know where her daughter is, all she is trying to do is survive and find Michael.

However, in one of the attacks at the Eastern Coven, Selene meets the killer of Michael as she comes in contact with a drop of her enemy’s blood, through which she realizes how Michael was killed.

Later, she and David take a stand with the support of the Eastern Coven and the Nordic Coven, winning fights, and Selene ends up becoming an elder. She also meets her daughter, who tracks her with her psychic abilities.

Finishing The Journey…  

As I narrate the plot-line of the movies and the appropriate way of watching underworld movies in order, I also realize that the character of Kate Beckinsale was much more than just a vampire or a lycan killer. She was the symbol of power and feminism.

Apart from the horror and the thrilling element of the films, the Underworld series has been a successful franchise to run for a decade! It is still relatable.

Comment below to let us know your favorite film in the Underworld Franchise.

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