How to Use Breast Pump Correctly

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breast pump

Breastfeeding is the best thing you can give to a child. It’s the basis of the baby’s health and correct development. Mother’s lacteal glands produce milk non-stop. Sometimes a woman has to pump milk for some reason. Breast pumps are special devices designed for that.

How to pump breast milk correctly and effectively?

  • It should be done when you’re alone in the room, so no one would bother you. The room must be warm
  • If the breast is firm, it is better to make yourself a massage before pumping
  • Pumping should be performed every 3 hours during the daytime and at least once at night
  • Sometimes milk flows poorly from one lacteal gland, so switch to the second one, and then again to the first one. You’ll see that the milk started flowing better
  • When getting fissures, use vegetable oil, or grease nipples with Dexpanthenol cream

Types of Breast Pumps:

  • Electric
  • Manual: piston, pomp, bulb, syringe.

Electric Breast Pump:

There are a lot of electric breast pumps on the modern market.

Avent breast pump is one of the most popular. This item costs pretty much — about $50, which is a bit more expensive in comparison with its closest competitors. The set can also include special containers for milk storage.

Manual Breast Pumps:

Manual Breast Pumps

It’s better to start pumping experience with them. According to this website, there are different types of manual breast pumps:

  1. Piston breast pump. Is easy to use. Has a special piston which helps to pump milk. The disadvantage is that mom’s hands get tired quickly.
  2. Pomp breast pump. Has components – pomp, cap, bottle. It’s a major disadvantage – the inability of sterilization.
  3. Bulb. A special rubber bulb and a cap make it easy to use. Can be sterilized.
  4. Syringe, or vacuum, breast pump. Made of two cylinders placed one in the other. One cylinder is applied to the breast, while a progressive advance is made with the other, which creates a vacuum that makes milk extract from the breast.

How to Pump Milk Correctly with Manual Breast Pump?

  1. It’s better to start pumping breast milk with a manual breast pump. Thus you will feel force and pressure that are comfortable for you.
  2. Before use, a manual breast pump should be boiled for a couple of minutes.
  3. Wash your hands with soap. Washing the breast with soap is not necessary, as soap dries the skin and increases the chances of getting nipple fissures.
  4. Place the nipple in the center of the breast pump. Fix the breast with your right hand. The nipple shouldn’t be squeezed, there should be no acute pain.
  5. If the breast pump has a piston, carefully press it. At first, there will be small drops, then milk will start flowing in dribbles. Don’t press the breast, it may cause bruises. You can massage lacteal glands with delicate movements for easing milk extraction. Also, it is useful to take a warm shower before pumping. The bulb breast pump works the same way, only there is a rubber bulb instead of a piston.
  6. Perform pumping with a breast pump until you feel at ease in the breast. Don’t drain it to the fullest, and you won’t be able to – some milk will still stay in the breast. Generally, one procedure of manual pumping takes about 10 minutes. During one procedure you should drain both breasts one after another.
  7. After the process, the breast pump should be disassembled and washed with soap. After that dry it on the towel without sponging down. There is no need for boiling also.

Breast milk can be stored in special containers in a freezer for up to 12 months.

Using Breast Pump with Electric Mechanism:

Electric Breast Pump

How to use a breast pump with such a mechanism? To start with, read the manual.

As it was already mentioned, the modern breast pump from the «Avent» brand is the easiest to use.


  • doesn’t make mom tired, treats nipple carefully;
  • has memory. Memorizes pressure and pumping mode;
  • easy to use and sterilize;
  • has modes that first pump quickly, then slowly and more deeply.

This breast pump works either from the socket or on batteries.

Don’t worry if you are struggling with this device at first. You have to get used to it.

Why Pumping at All?

With normal lactation, the baby should consume as much breast milk as he needs. And there is no need to pump then. But if you feel that your breast has lumps or aches, it means you have milk stasis. Then you should pump milk in small portions until feeling at ease. If this is the case, you can aid with milk formula like this one from Serenity Kids.

The pumping process should be also performed in case of separation from a child, mother’s disease, taking medicinal drugs that are contraindicated when breastfeeding.

A pediatrician or breastfeeding specialist can also help you choose the correct breast pump. Of course, a manual breast pump is not so easy to use, but it’s better to start pumping experience with it.

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