What Is Amazon Digital? Everything You Need to Know About Amazon’s Digital Services!

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what is amazon digital

Looking for the answer to What is Amazon digital? Digitalization and technological advancement have gone to a different level in the past few years! It is an integral part of our world, and almost everyone is touched by digitalization.

As humans, we have become considerably dependent on technology, and Amazon Digital is one such service in the market! With the evolution of the market and the industry around us, Amazon has successfully created various services.

These services cater to a diverse category of customers and are becoming one of the leading organizations in the digital market. Amazon has already won the title of the most dominant online retail store!

Simultaneously, it has also started many other companies in different industries. Do you know all of them? Do you use some of their services?

Let us uncover some of Amazon’s known branches and services to understand it better! Of course, Amazon Hub comes under one of these!

What is Amazon Digital?

What Is Amazon Digital_ Everything You Need to Know About Amazon's Digital Services!

Amazon Digital is one service that acts as a branch for several services based on which online experiences are catered to the customers. These experiences are diverse, and I am here to explain how some of them are cool to use daily.

Of course, when we think about Amazon, the first thing that comes to mind is the online marketplace. It is already one of the leaders in the industry, followed by Amazon Prime, a streaming service that is going toe-to-toe with Netflix! But I would like to make you aware of other services.

A unique aspect of the company is that Amazon Digital Services combines most of the brand’s services. Why don’t you read the article to uncover some of the characteristics of the services, along with their names?

However, it is natural to think of canceling some services if they cost you too much! I will also be sharing ways to cancel these account subscriptions if you want to.

You will get a better idea from this article, which explains the steps for giving up your subscriptions for your accounts. Does it sound similar to what we talked about on Amazon Relay? Keep reading to find out.

What do You Know About Amazon Digital Services?

What Do You Know About Amazon Digital Services_

If you need to learn more about what is Amazon Digital Services, I am here to shed some light on it! Amazon Digital encompasses almost everything that comes under digital content acquisition and purchase. For these activities, though, you must maintain a subscription.  

Thinking about buying household goods, clothing, or electronics is natural when you hear about Amazon! However, Amazon Digital Services (Svcs) encompasses much more than just the Amazon marketplace. You will notice that the charge on your bank statement is Amazon Digital Svcs.  

Amazon Digital Services hosts all digital content that customers can download through Digital content, which offers variety in the form of movies, music, TV shows, books, and podcasts. These services all fall under the realm of the services being provided to the consumer.  

There are several devices that Amazon has made available to their customers through which you can listen to or watch the digital content collection. The collection has been made available through subscribed accounts, where you can stream the content on multiple devices!  

You can access Prime Video membership and other services like eBooks, music streaming, and additional television channels. I can name a few so that you can understand them better, such as Kindle Unlimited, Audible, and Amazon Drive!  

How is it Connected With Amazon Prime Video?

How Is It Connected With Amazon Prime Video_

To have an Amazon account, you must get subscription-based services for which you must pay an annual or monthly fee. So now you wonder how Amazon Digital services are connected with Amazon Prime Video? Well, it is also a digital service that delivers one of the best streaming experiences in the market!  

A part of Amazon Video’s on-demand internet video service, Amazon Prime Video provides a collection to select from original content along with licensed TV shows and movies. You can stream or download this content as part of the Amazon Prime subscription!  

The digital services are indeed audio-video based. Hence, there are spikes in the users’ traffic. Establishing mechanisms that help understand their contribution to Amazon Digital Services is essential. However, one thing is sure: it is connected to Amazon Digital Services.

Diverse Services

Diverse Services

Amazon Prime Video is one of the diverse services Amazon provides as an umbrella organization and is one of the most popular! A streaming platform that allows you to watch TV shows and movies along with live sporting events. The subscription to this service is included under the digital services lineup!  

Further content produced by Stars, HBO, CBS, Showtime, and Cinemax is also available for Prime members. You have several options available at your fingertips! If you think you will need Amazon OTP text, it is true!  

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is a digital service to satisfy avid readers, and Amazon Digital Services is behind it! A subscription to this service account will allow you to access more than 2 million books, all in digital form.  

There are thousands of different audiobooks that you can access, along with some magazine subscriptions. This is a good alternative to buying from Oxford online bookstores, especially when there is a concern regarding saving trees as an alternative to purchasing books.  

One of the significant Amazon digital offerings is that you can be on a 30-day free trial, so when you subscribe to the services, you can test whether you want this service or give it up!  



Audible is a service that Amazon Digital caters to customers by offering diverse services such as audiobooks, podcasts, and audio tracks. This application has a distinct purpose because they are specific to helping you.   

The service acts as a therapeutic approach towards a certain life activity or crisis you are facing. You might sleep better based on your choice of playlist or work more efficiently! Accordingly, playlists have been created to help you achieve a specific goal.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited

This service, Amazon Digital, offers music, podcasts, books, and movies. If you are unaware, Amazon’s streaming service is under Amazon Music Unlimited. Don’t forget how you can access  Amazon Merch with unlimited subscriptions!  

There are more than 75 million songs that you can access, along with other audible content. You can download the content anytime, as the service allows you to play any content at any given point. Furthermore, you can play the downloaded content across different devices, both Android and Apple devices.  

Amazon Kids+

Amazon Kids+

Amazon Kids+ is a digital service that is offered for young consumers, displaying content that is appropriate for children from the age of 3 to 12. This indeed is an excellent sub-part to the answer of what is amazon digital.  

The content on Amazon Kids+ is suitable for their age. Hence, you will find games and videos perfect for children.  

These videos and games are not just for entertainment; you can use them for your kids’ education. This is beneficial for parents because it enables parents to have control over the content that their kids are exposed to.  

Content can be fine-tuned based on your preference for what your children are watching! It also helps them understand how much is allowed and what should not be done.  

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive

What is Amazon Digital includes this in its services, too. A cloud-based storage service, you can use Amazon Drive to store files, videos, and photos. Everything you keep on the cloud is secure, especially with exclusive content.  

First-time users will have access to 5 GB of storage completely free when they subscribe to Amazon Drive!  

A subscription is necessary if you use several digital services from Amazon, especially if you want to access more space. It will help you store the downloaded content. Thus, the service presents a viable option for keeping online content.  

Significant competition for other brands’ services, such as Azure of Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, has created a name in the market! They are here to dominate the market in the future with the wide variety of services being provided.  

How Can You Cancel Amazon Digital Services?

How Can You Cancel Amazon Digital Services_

Are you planning to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription? It is one of Amazon’s digital services, with about 200 million members worldwide. There are several other services that you might subscribe to and are planning to cancel!  

I am here to tell you how to cancel these subscriptions accordingly without any hassle and confusion. Amazon Digital has significantly created a niche for its audience by providing various services. Hence, it is better to close your account.  

You can cancel the Amazon Digital services account in three ways. Read the ways below:  

  • By calling  
  • Online  
  • Through a mobile device  

How To Cancel Amazon Digital Services by Calling

How To Cancel Amazon Digital Services by Calling

What is amazon digital services will be incomplete if we do not tell you how to cancel its subscription. You do not have to wait for a long time inside threads of emails. It’s now possible through a call! Check it out:  

  • You are going to call the number 888-280-4331  
  • Then, you must request cancellation on a call about the Subscription Amazon Digital services account subscription.  
  • Once done, you should have account information and prepare subscription details accordingly regarding your account.  
  • You will then have to request a confirmation email or number as proof of your cancellation.  

Guide To Cancel Amazon Digital Services Online

When you want to find the answer to what is amazon digital, it is important that you also learn about canceling its services.

  • If you plan to cancel Amazon Digital services through online services, you must log in to the Amazon account.  
  • You must click on the “Memberships and Subscriptions” option, under which you will get an option to Manage Subscription.  
  • Once selected, you can click Advanced Controls, which will take you to the main subscription page.   
  • From there on, you must make changes and cancel your Amazon Digital services account as and when required.   

How To Cancel Amazon Digital Services Through A Mobile Device

How To Cancel Amazon Digital Services Through A Mobile Device

You must perform the following steps to cancel the Amazon Digital services directly through a mobile device.

  • The first step is to open the Amazon Shopping app on your Android device or iOS!
  • You will find a hamburger icon in the top left corner, which you must tap.
  • Once done, you must select Account Settings, which you can see from the drop-down menu.
  • You can then choose Manage Prime Membership.
  • Then click on the Membership option and proceed with your cancellation process.

How To Cancel Amazon Music Membership?

How To Cancel Amazon Music Membership_

To learn to cancel your Amazon Music membership, visit the Amazon website! You must sign in to your Amazon account because you already have an Amazon music subscription.  

  • Take the first step of selecting your Amazon Music Account from the drop-down menu.  
  • After you have set it, you need to choose Amazon Music Settings.  
  • Then select “Cancel Subscription,” which you will find in the subscription renewable menu.  
  • Once you select it, you must identify the reason for canceling the account subscription. Then, tap on submit.  
  • Once you have submitted the cancellation, you must select confirm cancellation!  

How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription?

How To Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription_

Are you planning to cancel your Amazon website for a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you must follow the steps below:  

  • You must sign in to the Amazon account!  
  • Then go to manage your Kindle Unlimited Membership.  
  • From the Manage Memberships menu, choose Kindle Unlimited Membership.  
  • You must then fill in the date you want the service to end!  

One important thing you must remember about the Kindle subscription is that you cannot read the books you have already paid for after you cancel the subscription. Hence, you do not need help finding the books in your library.   

So, finish all the books in your account before canceling the subscription! Please also remember that in no way is Amazon Kindle bound to refund you any money for the unused months of subscription or the membership that was activated based on a bundle or gift.  

What Is Amazon Digital Charge Now?

The Amazon digital charge has now gone up slightly. Services such as Amazon Kids+, Audible, Prime Video, and Amazon Music, among others, were free. Amazon would previously offer a week or month of free service on those digital platforms.   

This has since changed as their use has now become subscription-based. The following are the charges:   

  • $9.99 per month or $99 for a monthly subscription to its digital services   
  • Amazon Kids+ subscription can set you short $5.99 if you are a Prime member. In contrast, the cost is $7.99 for non-Prime members.   
  • Similarly, the annual plan for Amazon Kids+ is $48 per year (Prime members) or $79 for non-Prime members. Both will be applicable after a month of free trial.   
  • Prime membership costs around $14.99 per month or $139 for an annual subscription  
  • The digital services such as Prime Video and Prime Music are free with a Prime membership   

If you want to know what is Amazon digital service charges, it varies differently for services and digital media. Any merchant selling digital services or products through Amazon can pay anywhere between $0.30 to $2.00. This depends on the product category.  

How Do I Earn From Amazon Digital Services?

More than just knowing what is amazon digital services, it is essential that you also find a way to monetize your use. This is especially useful for those who are offering services. Simply follow these steps:

  • Sign up. Register on the website for the Amazon Associates Program. This is a free sign-up process.
  • Then Choose Products. You can choose from a variety of products that you want to sell. From eBooks to Software and movies  
  • Next, choose Promote Digital Products. You will then receive Affiliate links after you select the products. The link will help you advertise those products on your blogs, website or other social media.   
  • Click on Earn Commissions. You will be paid a commission if someone purchases something through your link,
  • Complete Payment

Finishing Off…

I am sure you have got the answer to the question, What is Amazon Digital? In short, it is a collection of Amazon’s digital offerings and services! Now that you have read about Amazon Digital services, what do you think about the availability of streaming services, music, and ebooks?

Will the services make it easier for you to stay updated regarding entertainment and information? Additionally, the subscription fees are also lowered when there is an offer. This means you can enjoy many services as you view everything under the Amazon umbrella!

Comment on what you think are the best digital services that it provides! Let us know why you think so!

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