Which Account Does A Merchandiser Use That A Service Company Does Not Use?

Marketing by  Mashum Mollah 04 August 2021

Does A Merchandiser Use That A Service Company Does Not Use

Do you want to know which account does a merchandiser use that a service company does not use? If yes, then you are at the right place, reading the correct blog!

A merchandiser’s primary responsibility is to organize products. At the same time, they work with the inventory management team to arrange the warehouses they house their goods in. 

However, the job of a merchandiser is quite challenging and innovative. Yet there are numerous opportunities for a merchandiser in the industry. Merchandising firms consist of supermarkets, clothing stores, and auto dealerships. 

Which Account Does A Merchandiser Use That A Service Company Does Not Use?

Merchandiser Use That A Service Company Does Not Use

The account that a merchandiser uses that a service company does not use is Sales Volume, Costs of Goods Sold and Merchandise Inventory. 

On the other hand, a service company is a firm that makes income by providing services instead of exchanging real products. They make money by asset services, performing audits, and preparing income tax returns

The best examples of services companies are motion picture theaters, plumbing repair companies, law firms, banks, airlines, and much more. 

Merchandiser actually means selling goods to retail customers. With your hard work and determination in merchandising, you can get a suitable job with a high salary. Now, merchandisers use merchandise inventory, sales volume, and goods sold. These are not used by the service company. 

Skills Required To Become A Successful Merchandiser

Skills Required To Become A Successful Merchandiser


There are many skills required to become a successful merchandiser and you need to follow the same if you want to become one.

i). Organizational skills

ii). Decision-making skills

iii). IT skills

iv). Strong numerical and analytical skills

v). Leadership skills

vi). Interpersonal skills

vii). Communication skills

viii). Team working skills

ix). Able to cope with pressure

x). Confidence

xi). Commercial awareness.

Types Of Merchandise

Types Of Merchandise

As already discussed above that merchandise is the way of displaying goods to customers in an engaging way. Keep in mind, the right merchandising technique drives sales of the products and influences customers to make a buying decision.

Now, there are various types of merchandise that you must know in 2021 and these are:

  • Omnichannel Merchandising 
  • Product Merchandising 
  • Digital Merchandising 
  • Retail Merchandising 
  • Visual Merchandising.

Omnichannel Merchandising is used to create an excellent buying experience for the customers. Product Merchandising is all about promoting the products to make money. Digital Merchandising is the online version of retail Merchandising and sells products online.

At the same time, Retail Merchandising is used to sell goods to the audience via marketing and promotional activities. Visual Merchandising is used to feature the goods and their characteristics via certain display techniques. 

The Final Thoughts 

The answer to your question “Which account does a merchandiser use that a service company does not use?” is all of the above (Sales Volume, Costs of Goods Sold, and Merchandise Inventory). Moreover, if you have any doubts regarding the same, mention them in the comment section below!

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