Why Is a CBD Test Important?

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CBD Test

In 2018, roundtable discussions in the USA confirmed a lot of medicine was being illegally imported. This counterfeit medication contained dangerous levels of Fentanyl.

With the advent of CBD oil on the market, producers have sprung up across the country, but not all of them are as safe as they should be. While many are keeping to strict standards, CBD tests are not performed by all producers on the market.

Imagine having the assurance that the CBD oil you are using is safe, clean, and free from impurities. This is the reason many locations are now assuring their customers of the benefits of CBD tests. So, read on to find out more about these important processes in keeping you, the customer, safe.

The Dangers of Fake CBD

Across the country, fake CBD producers have been giving real manufacturers a bad name. In Utah, 52 people died after imbibing fake CBD in one season alone. Elsewhere, people vaping CBD oil across the country collapsed after using impure or entirely fake products.

As with many other medications, it is imperative they pass through FDA approval. This will allow them to undergo strict medical tests before they get approval for public usage.

Unfortunately, approval has not happened yet. Due to this, unscrupulous individuals have been able to make a quick dollar passing off other substances as a useful product.

Numerous Benefits

Due to the effects of CBD oil being so beneficial, the substance has gained distinct popularity among many quarters of the USA. Anecdotes commonly relate to pain relief and anxiety reduction as well as similar forms of aid for cancer sufferers. CBD oil has also been a popular method to provide solace for many hosting a number of different ailments.

While further studies are currently needed, CBD oil is rumored to improve the lives of people suffering from schizophrenia. Not only that, but it is rumored to provide protections for those susceptible to diabetes. Due to this, its popularity has soared in recent years by being available for sale in locations where not explicitly illegal.

How a CBD Test Helps

As the oil is potentially very dangerous if not real, potential purity tests would provide a method for consumers to find the safest product. In addition, potential buyers would be able to find out more about the product in general.

Scientists can learn various facts about the oil just from testing. Potency, purity, and contamination from pesticides are all extremely important to the consumer (you!). After all, imagine finding out the very CBD oil you are using contains dangerous heavy metals.

For those who take drug tests in a work environment, CBD tests will also be able to tell you just how much THC exists in the product. After all, you would not want management to pull you up just because you took medication. Regulation of CBD oil manufacturing and regular testing of the products it made would allow for that peace of mind in the workplace.

Is Regulation Bad?

It’s understandable that some people might be hesitant to get excited about regulation. That means oversight, possible rules you may not like as well as the possibility of a complete ban of something you are using safely.

You may not realise, but your life is already full of regulation. It is what keeps your local shops from selling spoiled food and maintains the cleanliness of the air and water.

Because of regulations, you can look at any product and understand whether what you are eating potentially has allergens. You can also stay assured the products you are purchasing are not advertised with lies, or that the pork sausages you buy actually contain pork. Simply put, regulations ensure the government forces companies to care about their customers enough to keep them safe.

So, while your concerns about regulation may not be without merit, in this case, it would ensure that the CBD oil you are buying is what it says it is. Remember you can always find out more about CBD tests at any time through a variety of sources. Until the regulations exist for the product you should continue to stay informed to make the best decisions on what to buy.

What a CBD test detects

When looking at food and medication, independent testers often have a whole raft of substances they look for. Each of the following has the potential to be harmful or detrimental to the effectiveness of a product. Alternatively, tests exist so a consumer can have information about their levels:

  • Heavy metals – Lead, mercury, or a wide variety of other common and uncommon dangerous metals
  • Solvents – While producers use harsh solvents to extract CBD from hemp plants, they are generally removed before sale
  • Microbials – Consumers should never consume viruses, bacteria, and fungi in products
  • Mycotoxins – These are the excretions and other chemicals produced by mold and fungi which can poison or otherwise harm people
  • Herbicides or pesticides – Used in the growing of hemp, the process should strip herbicides and pesticides from the final product
  • Cannabinoids – It is illegal to produce CBD oil from cannabis itself due to the levels of THC and other chemicals*
  • Terpenes – These are the chemicals which give cannabis and hemp their distinctive smells

* While CBD oil comes from cannabis-like products, it is illegal to produce CBD oil from cannabis itself. This is partly due to the levels of THC and other chemicals. Any tests done for cannabinoids are partly to ensure the source of CBD oil is legal and does not contain unwanted THC.

Where to Find More Info

In general, you can ask for more information on any kind of CBD test from your local regulated health store which stocks CBD products. They should be able to provide assistance related to the products they sell. They can also inform you of which ones have gone through rigorous checks.

Stay informed, and stay safe!

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