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Water intrusion is among the scariest perils a homeowner can experience within their house.

This is a devastation that can compromise the entire structure’s integrity and threaten the health of the occupants, not to mention the exorbitant costs.

Are there preventive measures to avoid these severe repercussions? Indeed. Homeowners have the fortune of working with York PA Basement Waterproofing companies.

These service providers will inspect the home to diagnose the source of water intrusion, make expert recommendations for resolving the issue, and set about making the necessary corrections. When caught early, the seepage has less chance of creating extensive devastation.

Enlisting the help of these professionals is critical since not all signs of water intrusion are easily detected by the average person. Basement waterproofing experts are trained to know what to look for and have the skills to protect homes from the first signs.

When Should You Call Basement Waterproofing Experts 

The basement is a common source of water intrusion, among the most frightening perils for homeowners due to the extent of the devastation it can create. Not only can it compromise the entire structure’s integrity, but it can threaten the health of those living in the home.

Water damage repairs can be extensive and exorbitantly expensive when you recognize it, but it’s challenging for the average homeowner to detect intrusion until there’s a major problem.

This is why it’s critical to hire waterproofing specialists to find the source of the problem, make the repairs, and then waterproof the structure. When will you know it’s time to reach out to basement waterproofing services?

In reality, those homes with a basement should take this step after purchase. Go to to learn how wet your basement might be.

If you haven’t done so, here are some signs indicating a problem could already exist.

Foul odors and moisture in the basement

When there’s moisture and a distinct musty, foul odor in the basement, these are among the most common signs. The basement isn’t supposed to carry a mildew smell. If it does, it indicates that water is flowing into the space.

Regardless of whether you see evidence, the odor and dampness are apparent signs. Basement waterproofing is a proactive measure to prevent the circumstances from becoming worse. These experts are trained to recognize evident signs of water intrusion.

They will diagnose the source and make recommendations for the most suitable corrections. The problem will be fixed before the waterproofing solution will be implemented. This solution will prevent reoccurrences of water intrusion once the root issue is resolved.

Mold growth

When the environment is cool, dark, and damp, it is ideal for mold and mildew development. When you notice mold, it’s a sign water is intruding on the space. It takes roughly 48 hours for mold to grow after water has settled into an environment.

When mold is recognized, it’s critical to act fast to avoid the fungi from spreading throughout the rest of the household. Some species create a significant threat to health, while all can pose an allergic reaction. For those already susceptible to respiratory distress, mold can be a severe threat.

You’ll need to call in remediation specialists to remove and safely dispose of the mold before the basement waterproofing team can come in to do their part. After the mold is gone, the provider will take every measure to ensure it doesn’t return.

Swollen timbers

Wet timber is prone to swell since the moisture soaks into the fibers, causing the expansion. If you have wooden floors in the basement or the walls are made of wood material and these begin to swell, a water seepage issue is happening.

The suggestion is to walk across the floor barefoot to see if you notice ripples as you walk. This indicates swelling. It might seem trivial, but if doors swell, these will become challenging to work. Also, a wood floor and walls can begin to deteriorate over time and need to be replaced eventually.

With severe water damage, wood floors can rot over time, and drywall or wood paneling can also deteriorate and need to be taken down and replaced.


Glitter and sparkling in the basement is not something to be mesmerized by; it’s not a magical or remarkable experience. It doesn’t mean the concrete is drying, a common misconception. The term is “efflorescence,” caused by mineral deposits that water leaves behind as it evaporates.

The sparkles that you notice are lights reflecting from these deposits. When you see shimmering in the basement, it’s not something to ignore. This is a significant sign that you have water seepage somewhere. It’s imperative to have an inspection to determine the leakage source.

Basement waterproofing experts will then ensure that you don’t have to deal with the sparkling lights of water seepage in the near future.

Pooling water

Pooling water

If you have water pooling on the floors or immediately outside the house, it’s often the case of a leak. As a rule, you’ll need to contact a plumber who will find the underlying cause of the issue and resolve the source of the leak. When the problem is outside the house, it can be related to poor drainage.

The grading is causing water to flow toward the home instead of away from it. In another scenario, the house could be situated beneath the water table. In this instance, contact the basement waterproofing experts to prevent water intrusion in the space. Visit here for guidance on how to spot wet basements.

Final Thought

When you have a water intrusion issue, it can be frightening due to the severe damages this sort of peril can impose on a property, including compromising the structural integrity and threatening the health of the occupants.

Finding certified basement waterproofing specialists to assess the situation, make their qualified recommendations, and move forward with resolving the circumstances is the ideal approach to preventing severe repercussions from seepage into the household.

You might not be versed in recognizing the signs of intrusion, but a qualified waterproofing professional will be. When moving into a property, this specialist should be among your first calls.

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