Youtube Stories Being Terminated From June 26: Shots Replaces Stories

Social Media by  sagnika sinha 27 May 2023 Last Updated Date: 09 December 2023

Youtube Stories Being Terminated From June 26

YouTube is shutting down the feature of YouTube stories from June 26, 2023. Creators are being informed regarding this via in-app messages, reminders on YouTube Studio, forum posts, and emails. YouTube now focuses on live videos, community posts, shorts, and long-form content.

Users will not be able to create stories after June 26, and the stories that already exist or have been made on or around the date will expire after 7 days. The success of YouTube Shorts has further created an alternative to YouTube Stories.

It is also a strategy to shift the focus toward YouTube shorts that have already received almost 1.5 billion views in a month in 2022. Platforms are more focused on creating vertical short-form videos. The feature was first unveiled on YouTube in 2018 after Snapchat popularized it.

There were almost 10000 subscribers, yet access to a broader audience was not extended. Initially, YouTube wanted creators to use stories to engage with audiences by giving them a sneak peek into the next vlogs, behind-the-scenes, quick updates, and vlogs. However, it has not been as successful as shorts and community posts.

Youtube Stories

Google initially announced that accounts with no sign-ins for at least two years and their content would be deleted. However, they clarified that accounts with YouTube videos will not be deleted.

One of the reasons for shutting down YouTube stories is that it is ineffective in contributing to the trend of personal and casual sharing compared to community posts. The features have been adopted less, even after being available for 7 days. Another reason YouTube Stories are discontinued is the multiple options that need to be clarified for the creators. The YouTube Shorts are the new format that will help the audience to connect with the creators across the platform. It is a great way of initiating conversations and connections between creators and audiences.

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