3 Effective Tips For Home Cleaning You Must Know

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Home Cleaning

Are you hooked on cleaning and scrubbing every part of your home daily or consider cleaning it once in a while when guests are arriving! Both ways, cleaning your home can be a tedious task but if you know a few simple hacks using household ingredients, cleaning can be easy with highly satisfactory results.

While the article lists down simple home hacks for DIY cleaning, it is important to note that expensive machines and gadgets like air conditioners, boilers, etc. should be cleaned by professionals. When it comes to aircon cleaning Brisbane, families, and people ensure that they go for experts who are aware and experienced in handling and maintaining expensive equipment. This prevents mistakes from happening and ensures that all your house gadgets are functioning properly.

 Few Useful Hacks You Must Try Now!

Unclog the drains with hot water:

The bathroom and kitchen drains are prone to get clogged with regular use. It gives you nightmares every time the drains are blocked not allowing the dirty water to pass through. Calling a plumber or a house cleaning in surrey can be the ultimate solution but you can try this simple method at home to unclog the drains.

Put a bucket of hot water in the drain as it will allow the solid particles to dissolve and flush them out of the pipe. Repeat the method a few times if you don’t get immediate results. Using bio-cleaning chemicals are also effective as the enzymes present in these solutions melt the substances clogging the drains. To avoid the drains getting blocked, follow some simple rules like don’t throw away food particles and scraps into the kitchen sink. Also, you can use a hair catcher to prevent hair from getting into the bathroom drain causing a blockage.

Vinegar and ketchup are not only meant for cooking:

Vinegar and ketchup are two essential ingredients in every kitchen and are easily available. You can use these two ingredients to sparkle up your kitchen too.

a. Take three tablespoons of vinegar in half cup water and microwave for three minutes. Leave it for ten minutes before you take out the cup. Now wipe the microwave with a clean dry cloth. This is an effective tip to get rid of the oil and grease from the machine without using water. It will also remove the unwanted odors keeping the microwave clean and smell fresh.

Ketchup is great for removing hard stains from the kitchen sink or the water faucets. Apply tomato ketchup generously over the stained surface and leave for a while. Wipe away with a clean towel and you won’t believe the result. Baking soda and vinegar together make an excellent cleaning agent remove hard stains from the bathroom and kitchen tiles. Try this and you will never want to try any other method for sure.

Use a knife to clear the air vent:

The air vents are the most difficult part of your home to clean. If not cleaned on a regular basis, the vents may allow germs and dust particles to enter your home which can pose serious threats to your family’s health. To prevent this, you must follow certain measures to clean the vents and air ducts thoroughly. Sometimes, vacuuming is not enough and you need something extra to get rid of the stubborn dirt and grime.

Take some vinegar or a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a bowl of water and soak a hand towel in it. Now squeeze the water and wrap the towel around a kitchen knife. Glide it through the vents and ducts to clean them easily. You can use this method to clean blinds as well. Although a bit tiring, once you see the results, you will consider the effort worthwhile.

There are actually many such tips that can bring great results while cleaning your home. However, if time is a factor, hiring home cleaning services is the best option. Equipped with a qualified team and the best cleaning materials, opting for these providers is the next best thing you could ever imagine for a sparkling clean home.

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