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Clean Parts

Keeping your home clean has never been more important than now. However, most people aren’t too keep on cleaning and will do it somewhat superfluously. Even if you are not one of those people, there are parts of the house that many people forget to clean.

We reached out to cleaning professionals at Olentangy Maids to share their observations and cleaning practices. Here are some parts of your home you should pay more attention to next time you clean.

Work Desk

Many people work from home these days. That means that (real or improvised) home offices are all the rage right now. But are they properly cleaned? A typical home office consists of a chair and a desk with a variety of electronics, depending on your job description.

Chances are that you clean the desk fairly regularly. However, there are other components to the home office – your electronics. When was the last time you cleaned your mouse and keyboard? You touch them all of the time which means that they should be at least reasonably clean.

Air Vent Grills

We all know that keeping your HVAC ducts clean and without obstructions is the key way to ensure that our heating and AC systems work well and long. We are so used to the managed climate of our homes that any disruption feels unacceptable.

However, your ducts aren’t the only part of your HVAC system that can serve as a collector for dust and other allergens – the grills on the air vents need to be cleaned every once in a while, especially if they have a mesh on them, or if the grills are spaced very closely together. Luckily, there are no complicated cleaning methods or implements. All you need is to remember to do it every once in a while.

Light Switches and Door Knobs

The first thing you do when you enter your house is reached for the door handle. The second thing is likely switching on the light. However, we rarely think about knobs or light switches – they are just there.

However, just like anything else we touch with our hands often, and without much thinking, these items need to be reasonably clean. Light switches in the kitchen and the dining room, in particular, can be quite messy if you are not careful about greasy hands.

Depending on the materials and the level of dirt, you may need to use different products and cleaning methods, but remember that your light switches are connected to electricity, so be careful when using water around them.


Speaking of light switches, lamps. More specifically, lampshades. They can get quite dusty as they usually sit in the corner and don’t draw too much attention to themselves. Most housekeeping professionals recommend vacuuming them with a hand-held vacuum cleaner or with a special adapter for a regular one.

Household Plants and Planters

Many people enjoy having house plants – the green of the vegetation is relaxing and caring for a plant can be a great hobby. However, you need to understand that both the plant and the container it is in are physical objects just like any other – they get dusty and dirty over time.

Dish Rack

Putting your clean dishes on a dish rack is so mundane and expected, that we don’t really think about it actively. But your dish rack collects some water and if it doesn’t dry off properly, it can start harboring some pathogens and smelling unpleasant – hardly a place you’d put your clean dishes.

Next time you’re cleaning your home, take a closer look and see what you’ve been missing from your cleaning checklist all these years.

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