5 Companies That Are Redefining Their Business With Disruption

Businessby Mashum Mollah12 April 2019


From AI to virtual reality to re-imagining transportation, these companies are using disruption to redefine their industries.

Warning! All companies that do not create business disruption soon are doomed for failure!

What is the meaning of disrupt and how can you create business disruption, you might ask? Well, in terms of business, disrupt means to shake up one’s industry by creating a ground-breaking product or technology. Another word for disrupting would be “unsettle.”

To give you an idea of what it takes for a company to disrupt, or “unsettle,” an industry, we are giving you a list of some of the most business disruptive companies in history. Within this list, we are also detailing how these companies continuously redefine their industries by being disruptive.

If you want to ensure that your company has longevity, we suggest you take notes.

Company #1 Creating Business Disruption: Google:


With a massive amount of data and specializations in everything from advertising and search engine to internet related services and products, Google is one of the most powerful technology companies in the world. One key way Google has been able to continuously make disruptive changes in the tech industry is by creating innovative ways for its customers to communicate and collaborate. Examples of these innovative forms of communication and collaboration include Gmail, the engagement of customers through artificial intelligence like Google Assistant, and the collaborative use of Google Docs and Google Drive by students and professionals.

Company #2 Creating Business Disruption: Amazon:


Like Google and the other disruptive companies discussed in this article, Amazon learns about its customers’ needs by communicating to them through artificial intelligence (AI) and acquiring large amounts of data on them. Amazon uses the knowledge it obtains on its customers in the form of data to not only disrupt the tech industry but also cater to its customers’ desire for convenience. Amazon accomplishes this through specialized advertising and allowing its customers to order nearly any product from the convenience of its website.

Amazon is also disrupting business every day by redefining subscription models. Amazon has accomplished this by having its customers pay a monthly subscription fee to enjoy company benefits such as free shipping and the streaming of television shows and movies through Amazon Prime.

Company #3 Creating Business Disruption: Apple:


Apple is another technology company that has made disruptive changes to the tech industry by designing, developing, and selling AI, computer software, products, and services. By capitalizing on the consumer need for convenience and communication, Apple has created everything from an Apple watch to the all-powerful iPhone.

Company #4 Creating Business Disruption: Facebook:


Although Facebook and the leadership of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been in question in recent years due to issues like data leaks, Facebook is still one of the most successful and disruptive technology companies in history. Facebook remains a digital world powerhouse by continuing to provide its customers with an efficient way to communicate and collaborate with one another, advertise events and organizations, stream creative digital content, and even play games.

To avoid making the mistakes Zuckerberg did while remaining just as much of a disruptive force as Facebook, you need to go against the status quo and shift leadership in your company by constantly communicating with your customers and bonding with your employees. To learn about all the new and effective business and tech leadership tactics, it would be wise to get a Master’s of Communication Management (MCM). A great place to study communication management is the USC MCM program.

Company #5 Creating Business Disruption: Uber:


Unlike all the other companies in this list, Uber utilizes technology to re-imagine, and in turn, disrupt the transportation industry. Uber continues to make disruptive changes in the transportation industry by regularly updating the extremely convenient Uber mobile app with new features that allow its customers to easily get a car ride from one place to another.


In learning how the top business disruptive companies got to where they are today, it is apparent that companies establish effective business disruption through the capitalization of day to day business and tech tools like customer communication, consumer engagement, and a convenient subscription model.

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