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Appsby Ariana Smith19 March 2019

Google Wallet

There are hundreds of digital wallets today, and a question many keep asking is which one is the most ideal? Also, which one is the most secure so that you don’t have to worry about transacting online? The truth is that with the help of do my homework, a good review should help you settle on the best. This post emphasizes reasons why you should start using Google Wallet so keep reading to learn more.

1. No more carrying hard cash:

Anyone would wish to stop carrying wands of cash around provided there is a solution, and with Google Wallet, that is now a reality. There is no better way to be part of cashless society than having digital versions of your smart cards, debit/credit cards, gift cards and among others stashed in Google Wallet.

2. No more worries about money theft:

Google wallet uses Secure Element Chip and Near Field Communications to secure your electronic money from fraudsters. It is to say, the wallet is both safe and secure for everyone.

3. Enhanced privacy:

It is only Google wallet that is able to authorize transactions you initiate. This way, you are assured of maximum privacy.

4. It helps you with budgeting:

Heavy spending can rid you of cash very cash, and before you know it, there is nothing left to take care of your basic needs. However, with Google Wallet, such is a bygone issue since it records all transactions hence making it easy to tracking spending.

5. No more papers as receipts:

Paperless banking is becoming a hit lately, thanks to Google wallet among other eWallets. Therefore, it is not only a way of saving paper but greatly helps in reducing clutter.

6. Easy banking:

Banking can be rather hectic with most digital wallets. The good thing about Google Wallet is that it works with major credit cards, in which case, you can set up money transfer to and from payments channels such as MasterCard.

7. It is becoming popular:

Another reason to be part of Google’s newfound way of transacting risk-free is becoming part of its wallet community. It is now available in thousands of locations worldwide and keeps expanding. The future of banking your money in a different way is now.

8. Enjoy unmatched convenience:

Bank and credit money transfers when shopping online can be a major cause for headache. However, that would be nothing to worry about if you start using Google wallet’s App. It saves time when making payments, redeeming card points and saves you more money.

9. No Liability:

Moreover, it is time to enjoy a new high of zero liability when making payments. The world cushions you from liabilities that come with unapproved payments.

10. Enjoy great offers and discounts:

There are there plentiful Google couples you can enjoy by using the company’s eWallet, not to mention exclusive offers when shopping online. The App locates the best locations and lets you about the best offers.

The Bottom Line:

Technology continues to change the world in many ways, and with Google Wallet, there is no better way of becoming part of the revolution than creating an account to start enjoying the above benefits. My homework done can help you do a good research paper on the eWallets.

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