5 Interior Design Mistakes You Must Avoid When You Design Any Room

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5 Interior Design Mistakes

Decorating a space can make a huge impact in making your home look and feel cozy to live in. If you are planning to redecorate your whole house or designing a new one, take a closer look at these 5 interior designs mistakes you must avoid so you won’t fall into a trap.

1. Designing without a Plan

It’s important to know how you are going to decorate a space as it serves a different purpose in your house. Figure out the style and theme you want for every space before decorating the rooms. Without a clear vision, you will have a hard time putting all the design items in a cohesive manner. You need to have a general idea where you want to place a decor item per area to avoid having a chaotic and unorganized room. So have a design plan or search for inspiration to base your design for your room.

2. Underestimating Your Budget

Admit it, you want the best for your space and the only way to do it is to bring in some pieces to showcase your home. However, it is also important not to underestimate your budget. You should design a space according to your needs and the function of the room. You don’t need to buy too much and everything all at once. If you are eyeing on a glamorous furniture to fit your fantasy interior design like a Hollywood themed style, it would be a waste if you have children jumping around your home that might potentially ruin your furniture. It is not necessary to blow your budget on a piece of decor design. A space that functions well with the right plan and budget is all that matters. You can build slowly to achieve a well-decorated space.

3. Getting Crazy with matching Colors

It’s good to follow a color scheme for each room, however getting too crazy with matching the same colors like pairing your blue shirt with your blue pants may not look that impressive. You don’t need to look for matching accessories with the same color of your wall. It is better to have at least two contrasting colors to balance out the hues you use for your room. You must create the perfect balance between different colors and textures.

4. Accessorizing Way Too Much

5 Interior Design Mistakes

Too much accessory can lead to visual clutter in your space. There is no need to over-clutter and place everything you like in one room. It is hard to control your impulse when buying beautiful pieces for your home, however, there is a fine line between collecting and becoming a hoarder. It is better to have a balance between textures and essential items to have a good flow and calm space. Less is more. Avoid distractions and remove unnecessary items that crowd your space. Leave the things that matter most to you and those that you can’t live without. A room that is full of things can look cramped. Have the proper balance of furniture and accessory to allow movement within the room.

 5. Using Many Colors

Like over accessorizing, using way too many colors in one room is unpleasing to the eye. Another mistake of interior design is over matching and over-contrasting. You can limit your color scheme to 2-3 colors per room. Try experimenting with fun colors suited to your personality and don’t just pick the plain black and white theme as this might look dull. You also must be careful in choosing your color palettes and have at least 2 contrasting colors together like yellow and blue or red and white. This will look fabulous when decorating your space plus its pleasing to the eyes.


It’s always good to hire professional interior designers to do a professional level designing job. It can save your time, money, and efforts. You can also get designs full of WOW factors. Interior designer Los Angeles takes pride in providing its customers gorgeous interior designing service in affordable price. Top interior designers will always give you professional assessment of your apartment and finally add overall value of your property by designing your desired dream home interior.

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