700 Employees Have Been Laid Off By LinkedIn In Second Round Job Cuts!

News by  sagnika sinha 19 October 2023

700 Employees Have Been Laid Off By LinkedIn In Second Round Job Cuts

Across finance, talent, and engineering teams, 668 employees are being laid off by LinkedIn, a social media platform related to business and employment! Microsoft owns the application and is in its second stage of employee layoffs.

It is the second time such layoffs are happening in LinkedIn this year. The employees being laid off were informed about the layoff in an email sent to them on Monday morning!

They informed me through email that the layoffs were an attempt to reorganize the company. LinkedIn claims in the email that it is an approach to “improve agility and accountability” in the company.

With the increasing uncertainty in the technology sector, thousands of jobs are lost! People are constantly suffering from job cuts, and the layoffs by LinkedIn further add to the overall economic issue worldwide.

The current job cut will influence almost 3% of the 20,000 employees who are part of the staff. In the email addressed to employees, the organization is informed about their changes.

The company is integrating the FY24 plan, where they are taking one step at a time to bring changes. According to the management of LinkedIn, there are several layers in the spirit of clarity, yet this is a severe change in the industry in today’s time.

About the job cut, LinkedIn did a press release where they described the layoffs as “difficult but necessary”! From the perspective of LinkedIn management, the focus must be on establishing strategies and ensuring that they can perform better.

However, they are trying to justify their actions concerning decision-making along with streamlining and integrating structure. The job cut-off is serious, especially when they have taken a risk impacting many lives.

The future of many employees is seriously in dilemma while LinkedIn is trying to ramp up hiring for new job roles and positions. The company’s decision-making has been integrated to ensure that the company gains value, leading to the removal of so many employees!

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