Alaska Daily Season 2: Is There Going To be a New Season At All?

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alaska daily season 2

When is the Alaska Daily season 2 coming? Wonder what is the plot of the series? I know Chapter 1 was one of the coolest series in a long time, especially with all the intellectual perception of the reporter and the mind games required to keep up with the criminals.

The Alaska Daily cast was so captivating, so it is normal to ask for the next season! With the first season’s success, there were many trending topics and hashtags on social media platforms demanding season 2.

Do you also have a question about where you can binge-watch Alaska Daily season 1? Are you curious whether season 2 of the series is coming or not? Read the blog to learn more about the series’s updates available on season 2.

Alaska Daily Season 2: Is There Going To Be A New Season?

The first season of Alaska Daily was finished on March 30, 2023! When the credits rolled, viewers and the audience sat raptured with the beautiful representation of the plot. It’s a captivating tale that a lot of you might have missed! There is nothing to worry about; you can catch the first chapter of Alaska Daily on Prime Video.

Now, when is Alaska Daily coming back? Do you ever wonder about season 2 of the series, or do you know the update? You need to read the blog to learn about the renewable information of the crime reporting drama series.

I will also give you a list of alternative series and movies you can watch if you like the Alaska Daily! Trust me, you will not regret the list and or watching them. So, where to watch Alaska Daily?

About The Alaska Daily Season 1!

In the first chapter, the audience sees the downfall of a reporting journalist, Eileen Fitzgerald, when her purpose as a journalist is questioned. Her work is questioned along with her performance, leading to her being suspended from her job!

As a New York reporting journalist relocates to Alaska to work for a small daily newspaper, she stumbles upon a cold case of a woman missing. The more she researches the case, the more she identifies a pattern where more than one woman has been missing, and all of them belong to the Indigenous community.

The character is nervous and edgy, and the actor, Hillary Swank, has successfully portrayed her nerves and confidence. At times, she looked down on her colleagues in her previous job however, she realized that she needed to be aware of her environment to work effectively. So, is Alaska Daily canceled?

Is There A Possibility Of The Alaska Daily Season 2?

Fans of Alaska Daily season 1 are in for disheartened news! The network has informed us that Alaska Daily Season 2 has been officially canceled, and there is no chance of resurrecting the show. However, you can watch the series’ first season on Prime Video! So, it is sad news that Alaska Daily canceled!

Why was Alaska Daily Canceled after Season 1? 

The drama series Alaska Daily was canceled after one season but do you know the reason why? Apparently, the series was in its freshman year and was unable to find a sizable following. Basically, the series was unable to establish itself among the audience leading to its shutdown.

The concept was about the professional and personal redemption of an award-winning investigative journalist. There are several amazing actors in this series and yet, ABC canceled the drama series. 

Cast of Alaska Daily!

There are several talented actors in the series of Alaska Daily so let us go through the actors portraying some of the significant characters of the series. The director of the series, Tom McCarthy teams with Hillary Swank, the protagonist of the series.

Hillary Swank

Swank is an American actress and movie producer who is popular for her roles in The Next Karate Kid and Million Dollar Baby. She has also won Academy Awards for her role in the movie, Boys Don’t Cry as a young transgender man in 1999.

Jeff Perry

A very popular American actor of television, film, and stage, Jeffrey Perry has created some significant roles. So where have you seen Perry before? Remember, Thatcher Grey, the estranged father of Meredith Grey was portrayed by none other than Perry.

I remember Perry in another significant role, Cyrus Beene as the fixer in the political drama, Scandal. However, we have lost Perry to suicide at the age of 63 as he was found dead in his Stanhoe, Norfolk home.

Matt Malloy

The American actor and producer, Malloy has extensively created a career across television, radio, and films. In the black comedy movie, In the Company of Men, Malloy gives his first break-out experience.

Meredith Holzman

She started her career on Broadway but we have seen her in television series such as The Sinner! Holzman has had some amazing experiences thus, creating her mark with her performance.

Other actors such as Veena Sood, Grace Dove, Pablo Castelblanco, Ami Park, and Craig Frank are also part of the significant cast of the series, Alaska Daily.

Alternatives To Watch If You Liked Alaska Daily!

I know! After hearing the news of the cancellation of Alaska Daily season 2, you must be heartbroken! It will be unfortunate news to hear, especially if you are a huge fan of Chapter 1. To reduce the pain, I started watching movies and series that were similar genres but were quite interesting.

When will Alaska return daily? It is not! Watching similar series and shows might help you cope with the disappointment of the news of the cancellation of the series. Read along about the alternative options!

Sharp Objects


The series, released in 2018, is based on an emotionally troubled reporter, Camille Preaker! Amy Adams portrayed the character who has returned to her hometown! Her return aims to uncover the truth about two young girls.

Apart from investigating the crime, she also faces her demons! Other characters in the series are portrayed by Eliza Scanlen, Patricia Clarkson, Sydney Sweeney, Taylor John Smith, and Chris Messina.


A 2023 television limited series primarily written and created by Paul Tomalin of Netflix. It is a science or British crime fiction series based on four detectives trying to solve the same murder in different periods.

The four characters in the series are portrayed by Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, Kyle Soller, Stephen Graham, and Shira Haas.

A Haunting In Venice

A movie based on one of the stories, Halloween Party, written by Agatha Christie on Hercule Poirot, is based in the post-World War II! The story is based on the retired Poirot, who has implemented a self-imposed exile and attends a seance at a haunted palazzo.

One of the guests is murdered, and this is where the story begins! The movie was released in 2023, and the characters have been played by actors such as Kenneth Branagh, Kelly Reilly, Tina Fey, Jamie Dornan, Kyle Allen, and Michele Yeoh.


The TV show is an adaptation of the book Fargo, which you can find on Amazon Prime! The plot develops based on the crimes of different characters, all leading a disparate life. The common connection among all originates from the Midwest USA.

Anatomy Of A Fall

Another really interesting thriller movie which premiered at the 76th Cannes Film Festival this year! The Anatomy of a Fall has the plot of a woman being suspected of murdering her husband while her son is the sole witness of the whole incident.

The twist: the son is blind! The movie is amazing, with a cast of Sandra Huller, Milo Machado Graner, Swann Arlaud, Antoine Reinartz, and Samuel Theis. You will like it!

The Red Dahlia: Part 1

This series is quite close in concept to the Alaska Daily Show as the plot is about the mutilated body of a young woman who was found! The Red Dahlia speaks of the notorious unsolved murder mystery in Los Angeles called the “Black Dahlia” in the 1940s.

The TV series was released in 2010 and reenacted a true story! Characters in the series have been portrayed by Kelly Reilly, Shaun Dingwall, Celyn Jones, Amanda Lawrence, and others.

Finishing Off…

Now that you know all about the cancellation of Alaska Daily Season 2, you have to come to terms with the cancellation of the series. It would be best to watch other equally interesting thrillers, both series and movies.

Are you wondering about the possibility of season 2 of Alaska Daily coming to Prime Videos? Nope, there is no chance, as it is a confirmed announcement.

Comment down on which one series or movie is your favorite in the crime or thriller genre.

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