7 Things to Know Before Your Next Amazon Tour in Peru

Travelby Sumona17 January 2022

Amazon Tour

If you are seeking a jungle adventure or want to explore the Amazon rainforest, a tour to Peru is a logical choice. A Peruvian Amazon tour will allow you to experience a highly diverse bio and ecosystem, one that is home to an unfathomable number of plant and animal species. Plus, jungles abound in the forest. So, you can plan an escape that is worth both your time and investment.

Before you set out exploring the rainforest, you need to know what to expect. The following information will give you more insight about the trip.

1. Iquitos, Peru Is an Important Starting Point for Amazon Peru Tour Vacations

Iquitos is an Amazon river port city. Most Amazon tour Peru excursions embark from this point. The city, which sprung up from rubber industry activities, features inviting old markets and historical buildings, reflecting the area’s European roots.

Rainforest tours that begin in Iquitos lead you to excursions where you can view wildlife, such as pygmy owls, dinosaur birds, capuchin monkeys, and green parrots. Departures from the city into the jungle are scheduled regularly.

2. Peruvian Cuisine is Out of this World

When you travel to the Amazon rainforest, you also have access to Peru’s delicious cuisine. Tour companies feature chef-prepared food that is out of this world. Some of the popular dishes include ceviche, rocoto relleno (or stuffed peppers), and lomo saltado (Spanish beef stir fry).

3. Lodging is Private and Comfortable

When you elect to go on a rainforest tour, you will love the accommodations. Tours allow you to escape to your own private jungle bungalow where you can reflect and relax.

4. You Can Fish for Piranha

You can actually fish for piranha on a rainforest tour. While the razor-toothed fish has been known to attack humans, most people eat the fish instead. By taking a tour, you can learn how to catch the fish safely and what type of bait they like best.

5. Tours Can Be Arranged from 3 to 6 Days or More

When you contact a tour company, they will give you a basic rundown of their various tour packages. Most tours are designed to last from 3 days to longer adventures of 6 days or more. If you want a more immersive experience, choose a longer trip.

6. The Amazon River and Its Tributaries Are Homes to Pink Dolphins

On your Amazon adventure, you will see pink dolphins as you cruise along the Amazon and its tributaries. Also known as an Amazon River dolphin or boto, the rosy hued water mammal only lives in freshwater habitats and streams.

7. Essentials Should Include Sturdy and Comfortable Hiking Boots

Before you take a Peruvian Amazon tour, you need to be prepared. You will need to pack essentials in a sturdy duffel or backpack. Make sure you wear hiking boots that resist water and are comfortable to wear, as you will do a lot of walking. Don’t leave home without them.

Arrange a Jungle Tour Now

If you wish to experience a once-in-a-lifetime journey, set your sights on a rainforest escape. Taking a tour will allow you to fully appreciate the scenery and experience a true and memorable getaway.

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