Are Silicone Rings Hygienic? Yes – Check It Out Here!

Lifestyleby Ariana Smith25 September 2021

Are Silicone Rings Hygienic

If you’re an active person, you might be nervous about wearing your wedding band while you are doing manual labor, exercising, rock climbing, running, and playing sports. Not only can a gold wedding band become damaged if you constantly hit it on hard objects, but you actually cause damage to other people if you are wearing a hard piece of jewelry while doing contact sports! To avoid damage to yourself or to others why not look into a more practical option that is perfect for the active person?

Using silicone rings is the best way that you can keep an active lifestyle without worrying about damaging your wedding band, losing your precious band, or hurting someone else inadvertently with this hard piece of jewelry. When you’re out all day on a rock-climbing expedition, you can keep your wedding band at home and use the silicone rings instead.

This can give you peace of mind that you do not have to worry about where you put your band or where you will safely store it while you are out rock climbing on a slab – instead, you can make it safely at home while you’re away from your silicone ring. But won’t the silicone ring become all sweaty and dirty? The short answer is no – find out why silicone rings are hygienic and perfect for the sporty person.

Why Active People Should Choose Silicone Rings For Their Lifestyle

Silicone rings are hygienic and easy to use for multiple days in a row of outdoor activities. Consider using the silicone rings and choose the best one that matches your personality and style, such as choosing a black and thicker band for men, or a thinner and colorful band for women.

You can easily take care of silicone rings so you can wear them day in and day out and not have to worry about any gunk build-up or dirt that is encased on your ring. If you have just been doing contact sports and the ring is sweaty, you got dirt caked on the ring from being outside, or you dropped the ring in a mud bath, then you might be wondering how you can best clean the ring.

In between uses, you can simply use soap and water to fully clean the ring without having to worry about harming the material or tarnishing the outside of the silicone ring. Instead of using harsh chemicals, like laundry detergent, toxic cleaning materials, or other substances, soap and water work perfectly to get rid of any caked-on dirt and grime that is on your silicone ring. Make sure you try and clean the ring at least once per day if you are frequently outside and sweating while wearing the ring. If you only exercise a few times a week, you can clean the ring after each day that you exercise, making sure you wash off the excess dirt that is built up on the outside of the ring’s surface.


It is easy and fast to clean your silicone rings! If you are an active person who is constantly exercising, sweating, and performing outdoor activities, then you need to use soap and water to keep your silicone ring hygienic and ready to use the next day.

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