Are You Covered? The Benefits of Swimming Pool Covers

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Swimming Pool Covers

When planning a new swimming pool, consider many additional facilities such as heating, lighting, self-cleaning systems, and even outdoor showers. Another additional feature worth considering is the installation of swimming pool covers.

Here, let’s take a look at the benefits of having a swimming pool cover. If it is a necessary supplement to your outdoor space, it can help you.

Reducing heating costs:

Reducing heating costs:

Pools lose energy for many reasons, but evaporation is by far the largest source of energy waste. The evaporation rate of outdoor swimming pools depends on certain factors, such as temperature. , The temperature of the pool, as well as the humidity and wind speed on the surface of the pool, so the following applies: the higher the wind speed and temperature in the pool, the lower the humidity and the higher the evaporation rate.

Reduce the use of chemicals:

The chemical balance of swimming pools may vary depending on the environment. One of the biggest factors affecting the chemical properties of swimming pools is sunlight. Cover the swimming pool to reduce sun exposure, extend the effective life of chlorine and other chemicals, and slow the growth of algae.

Reduced leaf load:

Reduced leaf load:Leaves that fall on the surface of the canopy remain dry and fly again frequently; leaves that cannot be blown or harvested with a blower even if they are not blown, leaves that fall into the pool when the lid is removed can now be simply skimmed The net catches instead of sinking to the bottom…

Save money:

The swimming pool cover installation in Perth is a smart investment because you can see huge savings almost immediately. For example, a lower evaporation rate means less water needed to replenish the pool, thereby reducing water costs. The swimming pool cover not only saves water bills but also saves heating bills. Keeping the pool covered will reduce heat loss at night, so you don’t have to use the pool heater often.

Helps the swimming pool stay warm:

Covering the heated swimming pool cover installation in Perth overnight can reduce heat loss. This means that the water temperature is higher, which is very important for people swimming in cold pools. It depends on the warmth of the sun. Covering it at night keeps it warm enough to swim the next day instead of losing all the heat overnight when the temperature drops.

Keep the pool clean:

Keep the pool clean:

You can imagine all kinds of dirt and debris entering the outdoor swimming pool. The pool cover is the perfect way to avoid this. Not only can you keep the pool clean, but you can also reduce the need for cleaning and backwashing. Your filter will also reduce the consumption of chemicals as waste, such as B. Leaf degradation and release of harmful chemicals into the water, which also need to be treated.

Less maintenance and repairs:

Another benefit of pool covers is that they can reduce maintenance costs: if the chair touches your pool and punctures or breaks the surface, you may face high repair costs. A new cleaning job is created for the pool. Removal of large amounts of dirt and leaves will extend uptime. The durable safety cover protects the swimming pool from wind-blown objects and debris.

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