Swimming Pool Remodeling Pitfalls You Want to Avoid

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Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are a pretty big investment, both financially and when it comes to the time it takes to maintain them.

However well you care for your pool, after a while, it will need some remodeling and renewing. This job is probably not going to be cheap, so you need to take good care every step of the way. Otherwise, you may pay way more than you need to, or wait a lot longer than you need to.

Experts at So Cal Custom Pools and Spas share some of the most common and most costly mistakes people make when building or remodeling their swimming pools.

Not Having a Set Budget:

As mentioned before, your pool remodeling is probably going to be costly. How much? Well, that part is up to you to decide.

Consult a pool contractor for an estimate and you should have a rough idea of how much money will be required. Of course, there should always be some leeway when it comes to money, but it is always better not to start a project if you don’t have enough money to finish it.

Picking the Cheapest Contractor:

Speaking of money, you will probably consult a few companies to see what kind of an estimate they will give you. This is a smart move since you don’t want to pay an exuberant amount of money for a project if you don’t have to.

That being said, it is important not to rely solely on the money aspect of the company’s offer. Consider their experience, what materials they use, and possibly most importantly their reviews and credentials.

A company which offers a drastically lower price may not end up being worth it if they muck up the job and you need to pay experienced swimming pool builders to fix the botched job.

Not Knowing What You Want:

Remodeling your pool gives you the opportunity to make your pool into anything you want. The right pool building company can make many different designs and implement different add-ons fairly easily.

That is if you know what you really want. With the wealth of different building materials, sizes, and shapes, it might be tough to pick, but starting a project and then changing your mind mid-way through is probably worse.

Contact a decorator or a landscaper, talk to your pool remodeler to get the sense of what would work in the space you have.

Not Knowing Your Own Needs:

When remodeling a pool, you need to ask yourself what you really need and want this pool to be. If you have young kids, you will want it to be a safe and fun environment for them to learn how to swim, possibly with a slide or two.

On the other hand, if you want to use your pool mostly for swimming, you can skip all of the accessories and curved shapes, and go straight for the functional rectangle.

Not Updating the Equipment:

If your pool is old enough to warrant an update and a remodeling, chances are that your water pump and water filter are in the same condition.

Before you start the project, have your pool contractor take a look at the equipment and tell you if it will need to be changed or serviced. This way, you can count it in your overall budget and ensure that you are not severely over budget.

Pool remodeling can be a fantastic way to update your home’s look and to increase its value if you ever want to sell it. However, if you are not a pool professional, there are some issues you need to be on a lookout for, and a handy list such as this one is always a welcome reminder.

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