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Rancho Cucamonga is a city in San Bernardino county, southern California, the U.S. It is a residential city with some manufacturing, aerospace industries, and retail businesses. The city also boasts of viable agricultural practices with vineyards growing grapevines, citrus fruits, olives, and peaches.

The city of Rancho Cucamonga has three districts Cucamonga, Alta Loma, and Etiwanda. The climate of the city is classified as the hot-summer Mediterranean with a yearly precipitation of 17.68 inches (499 mm). The city experiences an average of 287 sunny days in a year. You can learn more about Rancho Cucamonga’s history.

For a city that experiences a lot of sunlight in a year, you can expect to have many swimming pools all across the city ranging from public ones (those opened to the public which may also be privately owned) to the private ones (those that are in apartment buildings and private homes and are not opened to the public).

Maintaining a Pool

Maintaining a Pool

Owning any form of swimming pool means maintaining it. This applies to both public ones because you will always want people to come back and patronize your business, and privately-owned ones. Any of these will require cleaning from time to time.

Depending on the type and frequency of usage, it is important to carry out regular maintenance on it. Of course, public pools require more regular cleaning than private ones, while an indoor one will likely need less cleaning than one located outdoors. You will, therefore, need to define the kind of swimming pool you own to be able to determine the appropriate maintenance schedule it will require.

Having decided on your maintenance needs, you have one more decision to make. Should you carry this out yourself or should you let a professional maintenance company handle it? There are professional maintenance companies like Blue Waters Pool Service Rancho Cucamonga that can easily handle this task for you especially if you have a large pool or more than one.

To help you with this decision, let us quickly look at a few things you stand to benefit from using a professional maintenance service.

Benefits of Using a Professional Maintenance Service

It Saves You Time and Money

Letting a professional handle your pool maintenance saves you a lot of time as you will not have to worry about handling it yourself. It also saves you money over time. It is easy for professionals to spot potential problems before they arise and fix it which saves you future repair or replacement costs.

It Saves You Stress

Cleaning a pool by yourself can be cumbersome as you are not a professional. You have to think of the equipment needed, chemicals to use, how and where to start. You probably would not even know where to look for faults or what to inspect. You will save yourself all of the stress by just handing it over to professionals.

Proper Chemical Balance is Easily Maintained

Asides from just cleaning, it is also important to keep its chemical balance. Professionals know the type of chemicals and the correct quantity required to achieve optimal safety and cleanliness. An imbalance in the chemicals used can be harmful to the skin and also cause the growth of algae. It’s therefore not something you want to leave to guesswork.

Improved Value

Whatever purpose or reason for which you own a pool, the value will be enhanced when it gets proper maintenance. Improving its value can impact the overall value of your property or business, depending on the type you own and its purpose.

What to look for in a Professional Maintenance Service

  1. Check their track record and experience
  2. Check licensing and accreditation
  3. Check for their reviews
  4. Good Customer service
  5. Check if they are open to both long-time and one-time maintenance service.

You can read more about the maintenance of your pool.


The efficient maintenance of anything does not have to be cumbersome especially if you hand this task over to professionals to take care of it for you. From what we’ve seen above, your biggest task is finding the right company to work with. When you do, the rest, as they say, will be history.

A clean and well-maintained pool promotes good health and serenity. For those open to the public, it encourages patronage.

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