The Best Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors in 2019

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vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors

There is a high demand for hardwood floors these days, and this is the reason behind the growing trend of hardwood vacuums in the market. There are different models and styles in the market making it difficult to choose the best one for you. It is essential that you understand what makes a particular vacuum the right choice for cleaning due to many options available. Here are the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors in 2019;

The Best Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors:

Cord-Free Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum:

This is one of the top choices you need to consider for cleaning purposes of your hardwood floor. The best vacuum cleaner is the one that can be made into the use of any cleaning. No person would need to use a lot of money on many different tools to carry out various jobs when there exists a machine that can do all the cleaning. This is an excellent model that is cordless and lightweight that works excellently on both hardwood floors and carpets. It is capable of removing large and beautiful debris from carpets and hardwood floors.

This machine is suited to homes that are of smaller sizes or those with a lot of flooring done by hardwood. Smaller areas can get cleaned entirely in a short period with its roller cleaner soft head that has been made with a combination of woven nylon and anti-static carbon fiber filaments.


  • The vacuum cleaner runs quietly.
  • It has fantastic suction power.
  • It is best for smaller spaces where larger cleaners find it hard to maneuver through.


  • Its battery life is shorter as compared to other options in the market.
  • There have been some complaints from some users experiencing breakages.


It has a beautiful design. The device is capable of cleaning wood furnishings and wood floors, and it also has a telescoping crevice tool to help reach difficult areas.

Users of this vacuum cleaner should never worry of accidentally pulling it right from the plug-in or tripping over a cord. A user will be able to get through areas that are hard to reach with just little effort. Make use of it, and you will see how it is making the cleaning task even more comfortable.


  • You should not have to stoop or bend while using this machine.
  • It usually works well on multiple surfaces.
  • The vacuum cleaner is easy to use.


  • Complaints have emerged with problems of changing filter light that doesn’t remain on frequently.
  • It has been found to be unbalanced by other users.

Eureka Mighty Mite:

This is a small canister vacuum cleaner that is excellent in cleaning tiles and wood floors. It is an option for those who have been looking for a device that can be cheaply obtained and incredibly easy regarding usage. It is the best option when you need to vacuum bare floors.

With this convenient and small vacuum cleaner, you will have your hardwood floors, and carpets cleaned perfectly. The price tag of this cleaner is also its added benefit. This vacuum cleaner regardless of its cheap price tag can get your job done.


  • The vacuum cleaner has powerful suction in a small package
  • It is comfortable and light to maneuver through when using it.
  • You are capable of reaching difficult places through the help of its extension wand.


  • This vacuum cleaner in some cases arrives in a non-functioning condition.
  • Other users say that it doesn’t suit their needs since it’s not much durable.

Bissell Zing Vacuum:

This machine has been designed to provide a lightweight and compact design that can be easily used to clean up hard floors and carpets. This is an option that can be used to clean messes and pet hair whether from carpets, counter-tops or even hardwood floors.

Users should worry no more about replacing a bag since it is a bagless model. All that should be done is emptying the canister when it gets fully into a garbage can. This is one of the best multi-surface tools that can capture dust and dirt with minimal problems.

It becomes mainly excellent when it comes to picking up things that are lying on the floor. It is also capable of working when spills happen on counters or tables. This is a machine that will get your hardwood floor cleaned up in a fast manner.


  • This is a powerful machine for the small size.
  • It is ordinarily great for households with pets that shed a lot or multiple pets.
  • The machine can be cleaned easily when the canister gets full.


  • Complaints have emerged from users experiencing motor overheating problems.

It can also in some cases tend to reject other forms of dirt when you try to pick.

Hoover Linx Cleaner:

This model can be the best light option for those looking for an easy stick vacuum capable of handling pet hair and any other kind of dirt that can be laying on your hardwood floor. This vacuum cleaner works well on hardwood floors and carpets without experiencing any chance of tiring while doing the job.

The device generally in a small package brings a lot of power, and it works as both a fantastic lightweight vacuum and upright for your hardwood floor. It is the right option to pick up dirt, pet hair or any other kind of debris from the hardwood floors and carpets with little or no trouble at all. It is a model best for those who need to carry out cleanness in a fast possible manner.


  • The vacuum cleaner is easily assembled.
  • It cuts down on fatigue since it’s lightweight.
  • It usually does an excellent job picking up pet hair.


  • Complaints have emerged from users of the problem of a battery not capable of holding a charge.
  • It can at other times lose suction power.

These are some of the best hardwood floors vacuum cleaners you need to know.


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