Notable Characteristics of Timber Flooring That You Must Know Before Investing

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The installation of hardwood Timber Flooring in your office establishment or house can enhance the overall look of your residential and commercial establishment, and you are aware of its unique features and characteristics. The timber floors can influence the overall décor of your house in the way it is installed, used and its overall look. Owing to its appearance and hard-wearing nature, it is the great choice for every house today. Today, you can find different types of wooden engineered floorboards in the market and you can easily install them within a short time. You can decorate your floor with different shades and these engineered wood flooring can provide you best durability and easy to clean facility. Apart from that, by installing the timber flooring you can prevent dust because you do not need to use the floor carpets anymore.

How Would You Choose the Best Quality Timber Flooring?

Timber Flooring

Choosing the right timber is, therefore, necessary for aesthetic and practical reasons. So, below you will come across with some notable characteristics of timber flooring options which you need to keep in mind while making a selection for your house.

1. The Colors of the Timber :

Remember, the hardwood timber you are intending to choose will determine the color of the flooring. As you are aware that not all trees are same and their color differs. So, there are huge variations in color combinations and this makes them look unique and different from each other. The color of the Timber Flooring also changes if they are exposed directly to natural elements. So, to prevent the color of the timbers from fading away you must ensure to protect the flooring from being overexposed to natural conditions.

2. The Grade of the Timber Flooring :

Remember, the timbers are basically graded based on the natural marks available on it which includes right knots, gum veins and more. Depending upon the presence of these marks, there are actually four grades that are being used in the timber industry today including select grade, medium grade, high grade and clear grade.

Select grade timbers have minimum marks, whereas the medium grade timbers have mid-range marks. The high-grade timbers come with a higher concentration of marks and the last parquet clear grade is used for the timbers that are mostly free from any kind of marks. So, while choosing the Timber Flooring options keep these grades in mind and select the timbers according to its grades and your preferences.

3. Board Width of Timber Flooring :

Today almost all the Timber Flooring options available out there come with diverse board width. So, you are required to choose the Timber Flooring depending on your personal preferences and needs. It all depends on the area where you want to install the timber floors as there are wider boards and narrow boards to suit the unique requirements of the homeowners.

4. The hardness of the Timber Flooring :

Timber Flooring025865

Based on the location and area of installation, you are required to make a selection of Timber Flooring options with apt hardness. There are both hard and soft wood materials available, and both can be used for flooring. But they come with different characteristics and properties. The softwood is extracted from trees like cedar, fir, spruce and pine, and this wooden flooring is easy to work with due to its lower density. On the other hand, hardwood like mahogany, oak and teak are denser and typically expensive and harder.

5. Surface Finish of the Timber Flooring :

There are lot many designs and styles in Timber Flooring to suit the individual taste and needs of the homeowners. There hardwood timbers that offer hard shiny surface to the floor, while some other models are subtler.

Moreover, the rates of timber flooring also vary according to their color and quality. So, make your selection carefully to choose the best hardwood flooring options and enhance the overall aesthetic value of your house.

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