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Businessby Ariana Smith26 February 2018

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Traditional business models of owning things and selling them still work well. Think Microsoft and all the software that it peddles, or Ford or Nissan and the cars that they sell. It’s a model that is as old as time and well proven. But in recent times things have shifted considerably. First service industries sprang up, people with skills that filled a need set up shop doing any number of things that others were incapable of doing or simply too lazy to try. But in recent times the model has adapted again with aggregation businesses becoming the new norm. The best examples are outfits like Uber and Air B&B. They are the world’s biggest taxi fleet and hotel group respectively but they don’t own a car of a building between them. They are the best examples of this new type of company, but there are others. Here’s a list of ideas and businesses to watch.

Brokerages :

In short, you don’t need to own anything, you just need the software to broker the right deal. A great example of a company excelling in this space is Econnex. They are an Australian company who broker energy deals. Connected to a range of suppliers they are able to package deals for individual households through the use of their state of the art software. So like Uber and Air B&B, they don’t actually produce the power, they just find a way to package the offer and get it to you. Simple.

Cleaning Services :

It is something that is becoming increasingly popular around the developed world. Instead of cleaning your house or apartment yourself, you get somebody to do it for you. And while some people may have a regular cleaner who comes one or twice a week, for most that is a very expensive option and it often means that your cleaner arrives at work and there isn’t a huge amount to do. Now there are businesses that can supply you with a cleaner at the ping of an app. In the same way that you would book an Uber, you swipe and all your troubles disappear. You can sit back and nurse your hangover while the help arrives and cleans up all the mess from the party from the night before.

Mobile Content Distribution :

Games and videos are great content for mobile consumption. It doesn’t take long to find video on demand services or downloadable games if you search on your phone. But making them can be tricky and time consuming. So savvy companies are now opting not to produce any content, instead they just build the portals that host it, take care of the integration with the mobile operators and the rest takes care of itself. The beauty of this model is that consumers have traditionally been willing to pay for mobile content and so you have a nice opportunity to make cash without actually owning any content. Sure, you own relationships with operators and with consumers, but the onerous task of coding games or regularly producing video fall to somebody else.

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