A Systematic Guide in Getting Rid Of the Bed Bugs

Home Improvementby Ariana Smith22 February 2019

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, very small and oval-shaped insects, can be one of your biggest nightmares. These small insects quietly feed off your blood while you are sleeping peacefully in the dark. Although they do not transmit any major diseases, they can still cause many problems for you; not being able to sleep is one of them.

If you are having trouble sleeping and getting red and itchy skin when you wake up, check out the symptoms and compare them to your situation. Once you know for a fact that you have bed bugs in your room, it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible. It can be a difficult time for you and your family as this problem upsets everybody’s routine, and also because you have no idea how to begin solving this problem.

So we have made a list which will guide you with a step-by-step approach to end this problem and make your home a healthy, bug-free space to live in.

1. Find infested areas:

The first job is to find all the things that have been infested by bugs. You have to systematically track them down by looking for any signs of them. Bedrooms are usually the first place that gets infested by the bed bugs. So first, you have to scan your whole room, beds specifically, furniture, books and other stuff in the room. After inspecting the room, move over to the areas where you usually lie down or spend most of your time; living area and its sofas, kitchen chairs, etc. Once you have tracked them down, it is now time to start their treatment before they spread out even more.

2. Treat your bed:

Treat your bed

More than half of the bugs in your house are living in your bed. This is the reason you have so many restless and sleepless nights. Jordan Larson from custombedbug.com explains that if you have bed bugs, getting rid of them will greatly improve your quality of sleep. So it is important to start the evacuation from the bed. Discard the mattress as it may contain most of the bugs, but you can wash the outer bed in hot water and let it dry for an hour. The pest controller will vacuum and spray the whole bed and its frame. If the situation gets out of control, you may need to buy a new bed. It might get expensive, but it is better than sleeping with the bugs and feeding them.

3. Treat the furniture:


After treating the bed and sofas, now you should check all the furniture in the house. Check every table, chair, bookshelf, night-stand, couch, photo frames, cupboards, drawers, and every other household item. Take the infected furniture outside and spray it in order to get rid of the bugs. Make sure not to take any of the items inside the house until it is free from the insects.

4. Re-examine:

As they are so small in size, you have to be very careful in finding them and getting rid of them. Even if you miss out a couple of bed bugs, they can multiply in no time and take over your room once again. So it is important to keep checking from time to time for any signs of bed bugs in order to confirm your success and to avoid their entrance into your house.

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