5 simple steps to get rid of drain flies for good

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drain flies

Drain flies are found mostly in homes and are unwanted. They are also regarded as a moth or drain flies. Drain flies are one of the breeds of flies that are considered non-harmful.  Their common habitat is the organic matter present in moist drains, this is the major reason why they live and breed in moist places like bathroom and sometimes in the kitchen.

They constitute a major part of the water-dependent ecosystem because they do not transmit diseases in human. Regardless of the fact that they are harmless, they are one of the most unwanted species in the house. Therefore, it is very important to look into ways and methods get rid of drain flies for good

How to get rid of drain flies in the home :

Two effective ways to get rid of drain flies at will be clearly explained in this article. We are going to consider cleaning of drains to eliminate the drain fly eggs and the second method to be considered is killing the adult Drain Flies. Lets us consider the first part:

Eliminating the Breeding source of Drain fly :

An effective to stop the proliferation of Drain Fly at home is to destroy the breeding source.  Once their breeding source is located, total elimination of the source is necessary to keep them in check. Procedures to follow in eliminating their breeding source are explained as follows:

Breeding source of Drain fly

  • The first step to take is to clean up their breeding source then; 2-4 liters of warm water can be added to wet the drain.
  • Once this is done, clean the pipe with a metal pipe brush and pull out the grime using a plumbing snake. An effective way to clean the pipe is pushing and pulling the pipe brush in an up and down movement
  • Coat the side of the pipe by pouring a drain cleaner gel. Drain cleaner gel is a special formulation prepared to remove organic matter stain from the side of the pipe. A suggested an alternative to the use of drain cleaning gel is boiling water, but it has been discovered that larvae of drain fly can survive under high temperature, therefore, rendering the use of hot water ineffective.
  • The next step is to pour plenty of water after a few hours of cleaner gel application. In case there are still organic stains the pipes, it is advisable to use a plunger to flush them out.

Killing the adult Drain Flies :

Once you have removed the drain fly eggs and larvae, another important step is to eliminate the adult drain fly that is left. You have succeeded in eliminating their eggs and larvae as well as their breeding place; they do not have an avenue to breed anymore. Therefore, Drain fly are totally eliminated once the Adult ones are killed.  Listed below are potent ways of eliminating Drain fly adult drain flies:

  • The chemical spray is an effective way of getting rid of Adult Drain Flies. But, the disadvantage of using chemical spray is that it is toxic and should not come in contact with food or any other consumables. On this note, care must be taken when using it in the kitchen.
  • The use of mechanical swatter is also an effective way to get rid of drain flies. Drain flies are easier to kill by this method because the flies settle on walls.
  • Another way to get rid of drain flies is the use of liquid dish soap spray. Dish soap has an insecticidal property due to its component called borax. Add 5-7 drops of dish soap into 2 cups of warm water and shake the resulting solution and spray directly on them.
  • Use Trap to catch the drain flies in the Kitchen. Add 5-10 drops of dish soap into a solution containing an equal amount of water, sugar, and vinegar. The attractive aroma of the mixture will attract drain flies; they will be drowned and dead as soon as they come in contact with the solution.

Tips to keep drain flies away permanently from your home :

  • Always make sure the drains are neat and free from clog
  • Do away with every stagnant water in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Employ the use of Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) in the house. Spraying IGR Occasionally will prevent the eggs of drain fly from hatching into larva and consequently put a check on recent and future growth of Drain fly. This method if followed will help you get rid of every Drain fly in your home.

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