Are Art Retreats Worth The (often) Pricey Tag That’s Attached To Them?

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Whether you are a thoroughly experienced artist with years of exhibiting experience behind them or someone who has barely even dipped their toes into the art world, you might be wondering whether art retreats are worth a go – especially given their sometimes eye-watering entry fees. 

You have probably long associated creative retreats with hippies and “mindfulness” enthusiasts, perhaps leading you to think that these getaways just aren’t for you. However, you can’t be sure until you’ve had a closer look – and that’s what this article will help you to do.

Are Your Attempts To Do Art Often Fraught With Distractions?

Are Your Attempts To Do Art Often Fraught With Distractions?

If so, the case for attending an art retreat indeed grows stronger. Many of us are pressed for time in our day-to-day lives; you could already feel too busy simply trying to make ends meet financially, and this situation can worsen once you have kids and, as a result, more mouths to feed.

However, if you can afford to free up enough spare time in your hectic schedule, you could easily be wowed by the therapeutic results. Yes, art can simply be a good form of therapy for many people – hence this is why many art retreats take place in a non-judgemental atmosphere. The art retreat time is like that where you don’t have to worry about your creative endeavors being scrutinized by snobby critics.

In an article published by Medium in 2016, the award-winning comic artist Sarah Firth declared the first creative retreat is as if she took a breath of fresh air. She enthused me and told me when I have time to take stock, which is not working exactly. When you have the straight priority, you can develop a proactive strategy. With the creation of every strategy creation, your intended and generative frame of fresh mind was stimulating.

What If You Just Never Seem To Have The Time For An Art Retreat?

What If You Just Never Seem To Have The Time For An Art Retreat?

Finding this time is more like a significant change in itself. As when you are setting off a retreat, inevitably, urgent matters are suddenly starting popping up. For example, in the standard scenario, the clients have emergencies. Your partner and children are starting to miss you. Different opportunities are beginning to pop up for interruptions.

And at the same time, she poses a query and asks the audiences which matters most to them? And what matters the most and is urgent. Making time is important; it creates a unique space for reflection, emergence, and planning. These are like an investment. This is the reason you should seriously consider making time.

Art retreats will not only give you mental refreshments. Along with the mental refreshments, your mind and the other projects are also going to run smoothly. You may be thinking the time is hard to find. But after one or two weeks, this passion is becoming like your daily routine.

What Options Are Available To You?

What Options Are Available To You?

It’s not hard to find online details of art retreats collectively taking place across various parts of the world. Lonely Planet highlights Brambles Art Retreat – where, in the English county of Dartmoor, participants can work in oil, watercolor, pencil, and mixed media. 

The site also cites specific examples of art retreats held in Japan, China, and the United States. However, before signing up for any retreat, you could hone your artistic knowledge by perusing numerous articles posted by the renowned art collector Charles Saatchi on his website – allowing you to more easily “hit the ground running” when you do join a retreat.


Often the regular people are counting the art retreats as an expensive passion. But in reality, the price is worth it. The colors and other art materials are coming at a high cost. But when you see the worth of it, you will see this heavy payment is pure. If you are currently unable to take some time out for art retreats. Take some out for it. As time passes, your proficiency is going to increase.

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