At The IMAX Box Office ‘Oppenheimer” Became The Fourth Highest Grossing Movie!  

Newsby Rishab Dey07 November 2023

At The IMAX Box Office ‘Oppenheimer” Became The Fourth Highest Grossing Movie!

In the IMAX global box office, Oppenheimer became the fourth highest-grossing release in 2023 in the third quarter! The IMAX profits of almost over 50% boosted the movie further. The revenue boosts the popularity of the movie, once the movie returned for a one-week run in IMAX with additional revenue.

As the movie ran at the weekend at the IMAX, the producers earned a probable of $550K! The production house Universal has earned around $184 million for Oppenheimer as the total earnings at the IMAX global box office.

Currently, the international earning from the movie Oppenheimer at IMAX has been $96.4 million. Thus, it became the 4th highest-grossing movie! It came close to the other three films, Avengers: Endgame, Avatar, and Avatar: The Way of Water, thus revealing third-quarter earnings!

Based on the calculations, the movie is currently at $947.5 million as it got a critical acclamation of $1 billion. Some of the film scene’s shot on high-end cameras adding up the popularity. Along with a mix of IMAX limited scenes thus, using it to promote the film. The quality used to advertise the movie. Yet, the prices of the tickets were quite high.

The movie on IMAX was dialogue-centric, with scenes that might have high-quality video and audio! The promotion and the advertisements of the movie used the IMAX quality perspective. They can keep the price range high through these promotions. Even, Christopher Nolan, the director used it to advertise the movie hence, informed about his shooting an IMAX 70mm movie.

Even without the 3D glasses, you feel like you are watching a movie in 3D. It is due to the fact that the IMAX quality as the peripheral vision is covered properly. The watching experience is so fulfilling as it keeps you completely immersed in the world of the movie.

From 21 November 2023, the movie is available in 4K Blu-ray and digitally! You can purchase and rent the film on platforms like Xfinity, AppleTV, YouTube, Prime Video, etc. One of the biggest hits in 2023, Oppenheimer, is one such movie that everyone will want to watch! The movie has been screened for a long time on IMAX. The movie and the quality of the movie is inspirational!

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