The Australian Bushfires Are A Testament To The Reality Of Climate Change

Society by  Mashum Mollah 30 January 2020 Last Updated Date: 26 August 2020

Australian Bushfires

The entire world was witness to the environmental destruction; which saw nearly one billion animals being engulfed in flames during the Australian Bushfires.

While all of us widely shared photos and videos of Koalas and Kangaroos suffering and donated to support the emergency efforts, we failed to realize one important thing.

What is triggering these massive environmental acts of destruction on such a wide scale? The Australian Bushfires are not an isolated incident. In recent memory, California in the USA and the Amazon in Brazil have also been burning due to uncontrollable wildfires.

In this article, we will closely examine the link between these raging wildfires and climate change brought about by Global Warming.

The connection between Australian Bushfires and Global Warming


When climate change activist prods the world community to believe in science, most world leaders start looking the other way. The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is a champion advocate of the fossil fuel community. He is also one of the biggest deniers of climate change and global warming.

While neglecting the role played by weather and hot conditions, he was quick to dismiss the incident as one of arson. However, the stark reality points to something else. Australia has been witnessing an increase in temperature. The average temperatures have gone up starkly.

This coupled with scant rainfall and dry vegetation is favorable grounds for raging and uncontrolled wildfires. Weather analysis by global met departments has shown how hot and dry conditions have been made worse by scant or no rainfall. While this has been contributing to drought-like conditions for a long time, people are choosing to look the other way.

Many critics are saying that the Australian PM’s reasoning of arson is a way to deflect the attention towards the dangers of global warming. Globally, countries, which we’re witnessing lesser amounts of rainfall, are seeing a decline. On the other hand, countries, which received heavy rainfalls, are experiencing a bump in the same.

Are Global Warming and Climate Change a fallout of our reliance on Fossil Fuels?

You do not need to be a scientist to understand how fossil fuels are contributing in a massive way to heat our planet. Thermal power plants use coal to produce energy. Our automobiles are releasing carbon dioxide and heat in our atmosphere. Our factories and industries are burning fossil fuels to produce infrastructure and other products.

All the heat and harmful releases of carbon dioxide are heating our planet on a never-before scale. 2019 was one of the hottest recorded years in human history. The year 2016 was just about a little worse. This means that every year, our atmosphere and our environment is heating up a bit more.

The effects of this heating and the higher carbon footprints are destructive wildfires, rising sea levels, melting of glaciers and polar ice caps; and unending rainfalls and hurricanes. The destruction to life and property, the rise of health ailments and the near extinction of our animal and plant species are signaling the end of our planet, as we know it.

Is there a way out of this clear and present danger?

Global world leaders and governments need to prioritize renewable sources of energy over fossil fuels. Douglas Healy, an expert legal attorney in energy issues points out how an attempt can be made to use existing infrastructure in the energy sector for renewable sources.

This means that our current power plants can be tuned to work on solar and wind energy in much the same way as coal-powered power plants. While governments continue to heavily subsidize the fossil fuel businesses; a start has been made towards doing the same for renewable energy.

However, the immense power and financial clout of fossil fuel companies mean that lobbying, campaign financing, and other tactics are being used to keep lawmakers in check.


The world as a whole needs to be united and put pressure on legislators to take up renewable energy. Australia, California, and Brazil are just the start of our emergency. If we do not act now, we might lose our planet forever.

From planting trees yourself to not using single-use plastic, everyone can do their bit to save our environment from destruction. Let us take a vow that no voiceless animals have to suffer anymore, for what humans are doing to the planet. Do you know that nearly 1 billion animals being covered in flames during the Australian Bushfires?

How can we get the attention of world leaders and force them to make changes? Drop your best advice in the comments section below.

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