Avoid Making THESE Mistakes When Buying Comfortable Shoes

Shoppingby Ariana Smith27 February 2019

Buying Comfortable Shoes

Avoid hurt feet and returning too-tight shoes by avoiding these common shoe-buying mistakes. Choose the best shoes for you at the best ASICS deals in Australia next time you go shoe shopping. What do the pros say? Let’s find out.

Size Matters:

The most common reason for returns? According to top shoe retailers, buying the wrong size in casual shoes is the number one reason why customers are unhappy. Always check the size. Your shoe should fit comfortably, not too tight or too loose. Your sneaker should fit snug but not cause blisters or pain. Your online retailer will have a helpful sizing chart available to you.

Pain is Not Gain:

You shouldn’t have to “break in” a shoe. Comfortable shoes will fit right the first time. If you find that you continue to have pain after a few days of use, then trade the shoes for a different size. Speak to an online retail associate about what shoes would fit you best. If you have health issues like flat feet, diabetes, or plantar fasciitis, you may need to purchase styles that provide extra protection. In addition, you can also check out Protalus inserts for plantar fasciitis in order to treat the condition.

Comfort Over Trends:

Trends come and go. Most high-end fashion trends can hurt your feet. From high stilettos to heavy clogs, comfort and fashion don’t always go hand-in-hand. When looking for comfortable footwear, stick to simple sneaker styles that are guaranteed to give you proper cushion and protection. Designed for comfort, these shoes use the latest in footwear technology. Avoid unsightly bunions, hammertoes, and back problems with the right shoes.

Don’t Ignore the Arches:

Most customers don’t realize that they need to purchase shoes that accommodate their unique arch. Some of us have high arches while others have flat feet. How can you find out? Step barefoot onto the wet sand. If you find that you have a full foot impression, then you have a low arch and flat feet. If you only see toes and a heel, then you have a high arch. Most of us fall somewhere in between. The curves of your shoe support the arch of your feet, protecting your bones and muscles. Speak with a podiatrist about your arch.

Holding Onto Shoes Forever:

Maybe you found the absolute perfect pair of shoes in 2011 and never tossed them. Sure, you might love these shoes, but they stopped protecting your feet years ago. Look for wear and tear like cracks, holes, and worn tread. You can keep shoes useable a little longer by using insoles, but you are risking long-term damage to your feet, hips, knees, and back. Shoes should not be worn, warped, and uneven.

Find Shoes You Love:

Finally, don’t forget to find shoes that you love. Don’t buy a pair of shoes just because they are trendy, in the bargain bin, or because your mom swears by them. Instead, buy shoes that fit your unique style and provide solid support and comfort.

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