What Should You Avoid To Stay Anonymous Online?

Securityby Mashum Mollah22 June 2021

Avoid To Stay Anonymous Online

Internet anonymity is one of the biggest advantages in the digital world. However, what has been one of the primary strengths of the web is under attack by a wide variety of tools that disguise their attack on privacy with promises of rapid, convenient progress.

Today, the most influential areas of our lives get heavily digitized. A large part of our social interactions happens on the web, businesses communicate and advertise their services on the internet, and its influence only seems to be growing. Still, because the speed and success of these advancements depend on the information, the biggest tech companies outperform their competitors, creating a data oligopoly.

Be as it may, centralized information brings too much convenience into our lives, and with such a sturdy foundation of search engines and social media networks, it is unlikely that the order of things will change any time soon. Still, why would we want to destroy these great benefits?

Unregulated upgrades keep paying more attention to increasing and improving sources of data collection, even if the extracted information has nothing to do with the further development of the product. We keep seeing more and more cases of customers becoming the products.

Fortunately, there are privacy tools that help us stay competitive on the web. While internet privacy is a preference for a casual user, companies cannot survive such a versatile business environment without anonymity. With great tools, such as VPNs or proxy servers from a residential proxy provider, new businesses have a far greater chance of successfully completing their tasks. Visit smartproxy.com to learn the technical intricacies of these tools.

In this article, we will discuss the don’ts of internet anonymity. Understanding these obstacles will help you avoid IP bans, false information, and most importantly – personal data theft.

Choose only what you need

Choose only what you need

Proxy servers from a great residential proxy provider are as good as any tools that ensure anonymity online. Once you rent out a good proxy server, you get much more than just a different IP address. With the right choice, you’ll be able to change your location and increase the magnitude of your tasks.

Let’s discuss the main proxy server types to find the one that suits your needs. Cheaper Datacenter proxies are faster because they get created in large amounts. If you use them, third parties will easily recognize your IP and get you banned. However, this rule usually applies if you use the intermediary server for web scraping, social media management, and other tasks that rely on fast, concurrent connections. If all you care about is anonymous browsing, rent out a cheap Datacenter proxy.

Residential proxies are slower, but addresses that come from real internet service providers (ISP) make them legitimate and unrecognizable from other users. Businesses always look for a great residential proxy provider to mask multiple instances of performed tasks.

A large pool of IPs from various countries allows them to automate their tasks and push connection requests to the limit of targeted websites. Even if an IP gets banned, a residential proxy provider has many addresses, leaving you valuable room for test and error.

Never use free proxies!

Never use free proxies!

Despite all the benefits of proxies described above, they are only achievable with the help of a good residential proxy provider. Legitimate providers are bound by law to protect the data transmitted through an intermediary server. All the benefits of proxies are non-existent if you choose a free public proxy even for simple browsing.

Once you decide to use a free proxy, an unknown third party will see all of your data packets traveling through the web. Important passwords, credit cards, and other sensitive information can get into the hands of cybercriminals. If you want to stay truly anonymous online, use legitimate proxies from a trustworthy residential proxy provider.

Don’t get into a honeypot!

Don't get into a honeypot!

Web scraping is a key source of data for businesses that want to outperform market competitors. Information aggregation influences marketing campaigns, prices, and other crucial business decisions.

If you ever plan to scrape a competitor’s website, you must be aware of the protections and traps used to prevent data extraction or cybercriminal activity. Connections to ports that are deliberately vulnerable can lead to a near-identical system that displays similar, but false information. Now you’ve got your hand stuck in a honeypot! The targeted servers can shadowban your IP address and keep feeding you invalid data, with your network identity constantly exposed.

If you want to remain undetected while collecting knowledge about competitors, don’t fall for the bait, keep your scrapers versatile, and use a rotating proxy from a residential proxy provider. Even if your address gets banned, a big residential IP pool will give you a whole new identity and help you stay anonymous online. Learn more about the honeypots to make sure you’re not falling for the trap!

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