Basic Facts About Restaurant Menu Engineering

Foodby Mashum Mollah16 October 2019

restaurant menu engineering

An ideal restaurant menu engineering for most customers is one that provides them with a wide array of choices comprising of both unique dishes and their all-time favorite meals. But an excellent restaurant menu isn’t just about the list of meals that you provide. How you display your dishes on the menu is equally important. You can even use it as a sales tool to boost the revenue of your business.

Understanding how menu engineering works

Marketing and psychology have always had a unique relationship with one another. The truth is that businesses are continually finding ways to influence people when it comes to their purchasing behavior. Experts even say that restaurants are already using various psychological strategies to help them send subliminal messages to guests.

Menu engineers are experts when it comes to how verbal and visual psychology affects how people order specific items. They use the information that they gather to design menus that help restaurants maximize their revenues.

These experts know the essence of creating a powerful first impression. Remember, for instance, that most diners often tend to breeze through the menu to order what they want to eat. It means that the entire layout only has a short amount of time to catch their attention.

Building a clearly designed menu layout

One way to do it is by creating a layout that makes it easier for diners to scan the entire list. You can use clearly designed section headings and dish titles. You can also use visual techniques to attract the attention of consumers.

Your menu should also be in a size that’s completely manageable when consumers check it. Refrain from using images that take up much of the space or putting up various selections of items that only a few diners would order.

You should also consider what your hotel kitchen can produce. Manufacturers of hotel kitchen equipment can help provide you with the right steel foodservice equipment that would suit your needs.

You should also not overwhelm your guests with too many options. Having too many choices can confuse them. There are even instances when it can cause mental stress. So, try to keep your meals limited to at least seven for each section.

Emphasizing specific items in the menu

Same with how magazines and other print ads work, it’s also crucial to highlight some items on the menu. An excellent menu should feature decorative graphics to help catch the attention of guests on specific items.

However, you shouldn’t overdo such things, too. You need to be strategic when it comes to emphasizing some dishes on your menu. The more that you put too many things on it, the less effective it’s going to be.

Your menu plays an essential role in your restaurant. That’s why it’s crucial to have a layout that exhibits all the dishes on your menu. Remember to keep things balanced so that your guests won’t get overwhelmed. Choose the right design that will complement your brand to keep things cohesive.

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